On Thursday (23 January), Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s son Li Hongyi (HY) asked his cousin Li Shengwu (LSW) to leave him out of all the issues he has with the Singapore government.

“I don’t know what’s going on between you and the government, but I’ve got nothing to do with it. Could you please leave me out of this?” PM Lee’s son said in a Facebook post.

It appears that HY said this following LSW’s announcement to remove him from his Facebook friends list.

On Wednesday (22 January), LSW – a Harvard economics professor and the son of Lee Hsien Yang – revealed that he is withdrawing from the contempt of court proceedings instituted by the Attorney General Chambers (AGC) against him.

He said that the AGC had recently applied to strike out parts of his own defence affidavit “with the result that they will not be considered at the trial”.

PM Lee’s nephew also alleged that the AGC had “demanded that these parts be sealed in the court record, so that the public cannot know what the removed parts contain”.

“This is not an isolated incident, but part of a broader pattern of unusual conduct by the AGC. For instance, when arguing jurisdiction in the court of appeals, the AGC argued that a new piece of legislation should be retroactively applied against me. The court saw it as unfair for the new legislation to apply retrospectively,” he noted in a Facebook post.

As such, LSW said that he will no longer “continue to participate in the proceedings against me”, as he “will not dignify the AGC’s conduct by my participation”.

At the end of his post, he noted that he will “continue to be active on Facebook, and will continue to regard to my friends-only Facebook posts as private”.

LSW added that he had removed his cousin, HY from his Facebook friends list.

As expected, LSW’s statement about his cousin did not go down too well with PM Lee’s son.

HY said that he “really tried not to get involved as far as possible” with all the issues, even though he can’t prove it.

“If there’s something I’ve done that’s led you to believe otherwise, I would be happy to talk with you about it. It’s a bit disconcerting to be repeatedly publicly accused of undermining democracy without understanding why,” he wrote.

He added, “I would prefer not to have done this over public Facebook posts. But I suppose that’s how we communicate nowadays.”

While HY has previously denied having any political ambition, but he has been rumored to be active in grassroots activities. He is also being aggressively promoted by the government as the face of the Smart Nation Initiative such as the development of the Parking.sg app along with other projects under Govtech, an agency directly under the Prime Minister’s Office that is run by his father.

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近日来因香港政府执意修订《逃犯条例》,引起港民抗议,爆发香港最大规模的抗议示威行动。根据《立场新闻》报道,超过200个行政长官选委会选委联署,要求特首林郑月娥下台,并批评她漠视民意、不愿撤回《逃犯条例》修订。 参与联署的选委逾208名,占有份投票选特首的1200名中的17巴仙。 参与联署的包括工程界黎广德、港大法律学院首席讲师张达明等人,主要是会计界、教育界、中医界、法律界、高等教育界等民主派选委。 选委会直指,特首林郑月娥除了漠视民意,坚决修订《逃犯条例》外,更以暴力对待示威者,相较当年的雨伞行动,警方以更暴力的方式清场,批林郑月娥已尽失其正当性,必须引咎下台,并重新改选新任特首。 根据港媒报道,警方在驱散示威者期间,使用催泪弹与橡胶子弹等武器对抗,多名示威者与警方爆发冲突,已有72人受伤,两名伤势严峻。 香港许多民间团体纷纷谴责警方暴力的处置方式。香港公共医疗医生协会及前线医生联盟联合谴责声明,就警方处理今天市民于立法会及金钟示威的方法表达极度不满及痛心。在集会气氛变紧张之处,警方已向示威者使用过度的武力和过量的催泪弹,更使用布袋弹与橡胶子弹瞄准手无寸铁的示威者头部及新闻工作者。 声明指出,“这些举动都不是以驱散人群或群众控制为目的手段,现埸多位市民、医护人员和新闻工作者更因警方滥用暴力而受伤。” 香港民间组织《民权观察》则根据观察员记录与视频中发现,警方多次以直射方式向示威者发射催泪弹,凭目测双方距离大约15米。组织质疑此类做法危险,违反催泪弹枪的使用方式,以及可对示威者造成严重的身体伤害,与驱散示威者的目的不符。 另一方面,据《美国之音》的报道,香港民主党今年4月,曾因特首林郑月娥强行推动《逃犯条例》立法没有保护港人利益,造成社会不安和混乱,理应为此下台。民主党主席胡志伟表示,逃犯在移交的过程,法院仅仅审理其表面证据,故中国若提出移交申请,相信林郑月娥会碍于中国政府的压力,而随意将逃犯移交给中国。