Elderly female e-cyclist with 3 part-time jobs killed in accident along Cantonment Road

Last Sunday (5 Jan) early morning, a car accident involving two cars and an e-bike along Cantonment Road resulted in the death of a 69-year-old woman E-bike cyclist.

It was reported that a 25-year-old red Maserati car driver involved in this accident, was arrested by the police for dangerous driving causing death, while the driver of another yellow car which ran over the victim after the red Maserati, left the scene before police arrived.

According to Singapore Police Force, a 44-year-old female driver who is allegedly the second car driver, was subsequently arrested on Friday (10 Jan) for failing to render assistance.

Soon after the accident, a video footage showing the car accident was circulated on social media.

From the video, a red car had stopped in the middle of the road near a crushed bicycle, and a yellow car was later seen running over the female cyclist and dragging her body several metres down the road.

The female cyclist was pronounced death at the scene.

The deceased is identified as Mdm Ong Soh Boey, a 69-year-old woman who live near the accident scene, as reported by Shin Min Daily News.

Madam Ong is remarked as a hardworking single mother who raised two daughters for over 30 years after splitting up with her ex-husband.

She operated a sundry shop in Chinatown for 34 years and would open the shop early in the morning, the deceased’s brother spoke to the media.

It was reported that Madam Ong was on her way to the shop on the day of fatal accident.

“My sister has worked hard all her life, but unfortunately she didn’t get to enjoy her life,” Mdm Ong’s brother said.

Beside running a sundry shop, Madam Ong also held several part time jobs such as cleaner and laundry shop worker.

Madam Ong’s brother said that he had tried to convince her sister to retire as her children had all grown up. He said his sister like to continue working in order for her to stay active.

According to the brother, Mdm Ong was said to be diagnosed with breast cancer in October last year and was expected to undergo her chemotherapy treatment on Friday (10 Jan).

The deceased’s family intends to pursue legal actions against the two drivers.

Recently, Land Transport Authority (LTA) released an official figure on the total number of accidents which involved cyclists and PAB riders, saying that there were total of 417 road accidents from January to November 2019, and 465 such incidents in the same period in 2018.

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