On Sunday (29 Dec) afternoon, a fatal car accident took place just outside of Lucky Plaza leaving two dead and four others injured . All victims are Filipinos working in Singapore.
A closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage circulated online captured the terrifying moment of the car crash.
The footage contains 22 seconds and shows the four different angles before, during and after the accident happen.

On the top right of the screen, we can see that a group of people gathering along the pavement, most of them are domestic workers enjoying their Sunday break. At the same time, on top left of screen, a black car is seen stopped at the outside of Lucky Plaza’s entrance.

After about 15 seconds, the car was seen leaving the place and making a U-turn at the road junction.

Just seconds after the car made a U-turn, the car suddenly accelerated across the lane and mounted the pavement.

The car then crashed through the people who sitting on the pavement and threw a few people down from the pavement to the road below.

As the car landed on the ground, it pinned one woman under the vehicle.
The accident left the surrounding people in shock upon hearing the loud bang.

What followed next was people scrambling to assist the women injured in the accident, removing the woman pinned under the vehicle, out from where she was.
Of the four injured victims, two are still warded while another two discharged.

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