The police is investigating a 32-year old Indian national for participating in an assembly without a permit.
On Wednesday (25 December), the police said that the man had “allegedly carried out the activity in Marina Bay, to show his opposition to India’s Citizenship Amendment Bill”. They launched a probe following a report made on Tuesday (24 December) on the matter.
It is illegal in Singapore to organise or participate in a public assembly without a police permit. The authorities also emphasised that it does not grant permits for assemblies that advocate political causes of other countries.
Just last month, a Hong Kong Youtuber was deported after organising a gathering to discusses the protests back in his home city. Singapore authorities say he was in violation of state public assembly laws.
After investigating the pro-Beijing restauranter for organising the gathering in a bar, the authorities decided to give him a warning and sending him back to Hong Kong.
In a video posted after police launched a probe, Yeung had accused supporters of the protests of setting him up at the gathering.

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