Earlier today (24 Oct), CARMA ASIA, the global leader in media evaluation, published a study revealing the prominence and favourability of Singapore’s top CEOs amongst local publications. The findings reveal insights including DBS CEO, Piyush Gupta having the most mentions in the media, whilst STE President and CEO, Vincent Chong was found to be most favourable.

The report is a media qualitative study evaluating 50 Singaporean brands identified in Brand Finance Singapore 100, 2019. The top 15 most prominent chief executives in the media, were qualitatively analysed on their media performance over a three-month period.

A total of 601 articles were qualitatively researched, including newspapers, magazines, and online publications.

The criteria of the candidates were to ascertain the most prominent chief executives based on volume of coverage, and how prominent they appeared within the media. The tonality was measured based on the quality of the spokesperson, and issues surrounding the brand and positioning statements communicated.

The most outstanding performer based on volume was CEO of DBS, Piyush Gupta who was prominently mentioned in 101 articles, with OCBC CEO, Samuel Tsien and UOB CEO, Wee Ee Cheong in second and third place respectively.

STE’s president and CEO, Vincent Chong, was the most favourable leader reported in the media (65/100), followed by SGX CEO, Loh Boon Chye and ComfortDelGro CEO, Yang Ban Seng who both scored 63/100.

Commenting on the findings, CARMA ASIA’s Co-Founder and Managing Director, Andrew Nicholls said, “CEOs are increasingly expected to stand at the forefront as brand ambassadors, so evaluating their contribution as communicators must go beyond simply counting column inches. This research highlights the importance of qualitative communications analysis and how it correlates to broader organisational impact.”
For an overview on each of the CEOs analysed in the report, keep scrolling down.

List of media assessed in the report:
Business Times (Singapore), Sgsme.Sg, Yahoo Finance Singapore, Shenton Wire, The New Paper, Inside Retail Online (Singapore), Msn Singapore, The Edge Singapore, The Straits Times, Sq Feed, Channel Newsasia Online, Global Business Press, Singapore Business Review (Online), The Online Citizen, The Motley Fool (Fool.Sg), Finews.Asia, Hardwarezone.Com, Asian Banking & Finance (Apac), Today Online (Sin), Asia One, Fund Selector Asia, Mothership Singapore, Portfolio, The Electric New Paper, Condo Singapore, Ttg (Asia), Hubbis, Human Resources Online, Singapore News Journal, Global Business Press, Local News Singapore, Marketing Interactive Online, Water And Wastewater Asia, Mumbrella.Asia, Prestige, Travel Weekly

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