Source: Progress Singapore Party / Facebook

PSP first official walkabout to take place on Sun, locations to be shared later

Progress Singapore Party, the newest opposition party to join Singapore’s political landscape, has invited members of the public to “Save the Date”, as it will be holding its first official walkabout on Sun (29 Sep).

Party founding chief Tan Cheng Bock said on Facebook today (23 Sep) that Singaporeans “at various locations” across the island, which will be announced at a later date, will be receiving flyers during the walkabout.

“Members and registered volunteers of the Party will be fanning out throughout Singapore to speak to residents, listen to their concerns and cares and share more about the PSP,” said Dr Tan.

“May I warmly invite you to come meet us,” he said, adding that many PSP members and volunteers “are very excited and looking forward” to the walkabout as “it will be their very first”.

However, Dr Tan noted that PSP may reschedule the walkabout due to the haze, and reminded the public to follow the updates on the Party’s page.

“As the health and safety of our members is very important, PSP is keeping a close eye on the haze and in the event it is not safe, we will reschedule. Please look for updates on the PSP Facebook page,” he said.

Dr Tan also urged members of the public to keep tabs on updates regarding the upcoming walkabout via PSP’s website, or to directly reach the Party via email at [email protected]

“Additionally, updates will be communicated (to the Party’s members and volunteers), through the PSP Telegram chat groups and email. All members and volunteers are to follow the information on these platforms closely,” he added.

Last Tue, PSP announced the upcoming walkabout via Facebook, following the formation of the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee.

“This is the time for our PSP comrades to stand United, Resilient & Steadfast in our common interests for the coming battle to win the General Election. To serve our Country and People.

“Our opponents may out-number us and the odds stacked against us. However, we have within PSP, patriots from all walks of life who will stand up for their beliefs, and for the greater good of Singapore. Your conviction and determination will see us accomplish our cause!

“You have placed your Trust, Commitment and Loyalty to PSP’s principles and values. Now bring this faith and energy to help PSP in our September 29th Walkabout!

“We invite all PSP members and volunteers to join in for our first Walkabout to meet fellow Singaporeans! Be there, or be square!” The Party urged.

PSP was set up by former presidential candidate and former People’s Action Party (PAP) Member of Parliament (MP) Tan Cheng Bock and several other ex-PAP cadres. The new opposition party received formal approval from the Registry of Societies on 28 Mar.

During PSP’s official launch at the Swissotel Merchant Court Hotel earlier last month, Dr Tan shared his thoughts on the current state of affairs in Singapore and what his party aspires to address in the future, such as rising cost of living, healthcare delivery system, fertility rate, and employment.

Speaking from his experience as a former medical doctor, who had gone on to propose ways to improve the healthcare system in Singapore during his time as an MP under PAP, Dr Tan said: “No one should have to sell their house to pay for medical fees.”

Dr Tan also called upon Singaporeans – young and old – to come forward and join him “in making a difference to Singapore”.