Dr Tan Cheng Bock motivates PSP members to work hard for the next GE, encourages more talented individuals to join the party

After almost a month since the official launch of the Progress Singapore Party (PSP) on 3 August, the party conducted its first National Day Celebration dinner on Sunday (25 August) at Concorde Hotel Singapore in Orchard Road.

The event was attended by about 400 guests, many of whom are newly registered members of the party.

Dr Tan Cheng Bock, 79, who is the founding Secretary-General of PSP, gave the opening address where he motivated and urged his fellow party members to earn the votes of the people and win big in the upcoming General Election (GE) to ensure the party holds some seats in the Parliament.

In his speech, Dr Tan noted that after the official launch of PSP, the member count has increased “beyond expectation”, which he deems as “encouraging”. He explained that some of the members are Singaporeans who are living overseas and want to be part of the process of change.

“PSP as a party is humbled by the strong support, and I feel more than ever, we need to work hard for you. I feel the responsibility is now heavier for me, and I have to really do more than what I thought I could do,” said Dr Tan.

He added that the huge response also clearly showed that Singaporeans have resonated with the party’s call for better governance in the country.

“They recognise the need for greater transparency, independence and accountability in our process. They are looking at us to make it happen, so we cannot fail. We need to make sure we work hard for them and ensure we enter Parliament to ask the right questions,” Dr Tan said as words of encouragement.

If that is not all, he also urged all PSP members to put every ounce of their energy in the next GE as the party “must win big”.

However, he stressed that the members should earn the votes and not expect people to just vote for them, simply because they’re in PSP.

“I earned my votes when I was in Ayer Rajah. I worked damn bloody hard and that’s why we got high scores,” he said.

As such, he advised everyone in the party to walk the ground and talk to people on the streets so they can really comprehend PSP’s message.

In addition, Dr Tan also encouraged talented individuals to join the party as he wants “quality people to go to Parliament, and meet all the questions and policies that are coming out from the Government”.

But, he revealed that some of these talented individuals still have fear in them, which is stopping them from joining the party.

“So I tell them to use the fear as the reason to come up because you have the moral duty to make sure your children don’t experience the kind of fear you’re experiencing now,” he explained.

Speaking on the possibility of winning big in the upcoming GE, Dr Tan said he believes that PSP can do it as “it’s not an impossible dream for us to bring some of you to Parliament”. However, he acknowledges that it is difficult task and it require hard work, courage and sacrifice.

“Our shoes may wear out. Our arms may be weary. We may be tired, but we know that this is the right thing to do. And we can do it together for the country, for the people,” Dr Tan said before ending his speech.