Intrigued by the ongoing protests against the extradition Bill in Hong Kong, a 10-year-old Japanese girl went on a field trip to the city to learn firsthand the reasons behind the demonstrations.
Shimazu Chika, who is in primary four, travelled to Hong Kong on Wed (14 Aug) with her father to interview the protesters, as she believes that a dialogue must be held with those on the ground in order to understand the truth, according to Japan’s WBS News.
She added that while she had learnt about the demonstrations in Hong Kong from the news, she did not know the background of the movement prior to her interview with the protesters.

Several protesters told Shimazu that they fear the prospect of Hong Kong losing the freedom it has long enjoyed under the “one country, two systems” framework, while several others stressed that they are not protesting to push for Hong Kong’s independence from China, only protecting their current freedoms from the allegedly increasing encroachment from Beijing.
The protesters who were interviewed thanked Shimazu for supporting their cause.
Following the airport sit-ins, the Hong Kong Airport Authority was granted an injunction to “stop people from unlawfully and wilfully obstructing or interfering with the proper use of the airport”, South China Morning Post reported. Some of the protesters apologised for the disruption and inconvenience caused for the travellers during the sit-ins, according to WBS News.
AFP reported that thousands of protesters in black gathered at Hong Kong’s airport on Mon and Tue, forcing hundreds of flights to be cancelled.
Some protesters reportedly resorted to aggression, including setting up barricades using luggage trolleys to block passengers at the departure halls, and even physically assaulting a policeman. However, the protesters stopped doing so after a policeman pulled his gun and pointed it at them, but did not fire.
One man, who was suspected of being an undercover agent from mainland China, was held by protesters around a couple of hours. However, he fainted and was sent to the hospital by an ambulance. Riot police briefly deployed pepper spray and batons to beat back protesters while they escorted the vehicle away from the departures hall, according to AFP.
Another man, who wore a yellow journalist vest and was later confirmed to be a staff of China’s Global Times tabloid by editor Hu Xijun, was zip-tied and then beaten up by a small group of protesters who accused him of being a spy. AFP noted that Global Times, controlled by the Beijing government, has reportedly strongly condemned the protests in Hong Kong.

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随着今日(20日)我国武汉冠状病毒(COVID-19)新增40起确诊病例,政府采取更严格的安全间隔措施,以减少病毒传播风险。 所有超过250出席者的活动或聚会,都要展延至6月30日;至于政府部门乐龄人士的社交活动都将再展延两周,至4月7日。 受影响的机构包括乐龄活动中心、活跃乐龄中心、民众联络所、居民委员会、保健促进局、精神健康邻里咨询小组等。政府是在本月10日宣布所有以乐龄人士为对象的活动暂停。 至于那些少于250人的活动(包括宗教和私人聚会等)、餐厅、戏院等,都需要采取让出席者/消费者间隔至少一米距离的措施。零售商和饮食业者亦同。 业者受促采取相关措施确保顾客和消费者减少接触,包括在排队区划上间隔距离的格子,安排间隔座位等。 政府跨部门防疫工作小组,也要求雇主采取能减少职员接触到措施,包括错开雇员办公时间、或是让雇员在家办公、尽量使用电话或视讯会议等。  

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