It was reported that on Thursday (1 Aug), Trade and Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing told Bloomberg that the two-year programme planned to entice foreign tech talent to work in Singapore may be opened to other industries, apart from the technology-driven ones.
Chan said that he is all set to extend the programme to other fields, without actually naming the areas. Chan was trying to get his message to foreigners through the international news agency.
“Singapore has never limited top talent coming into Singapore,” Chan said. “These are not people competing with the average Singaporean, these are the people who are competing for Singapore.”
Chan’s comment came after the Economic Development Board (EDB) and Enterprise Singapore announced on Tuesday (30 Jul) that foreign PMETs looking to work in Singapore as “core team members” of technology companies might have more flexible requirements over the application of their Employment Pass (EP).
EDB and Enterprise Singapore said they will help “facilitate” easier entry of foreign PMETs to become “core team members” of technology companies operating in Singapore.
It is obvious that the government wants to increase the number of foreigners on EP in Singapore for all industries in the coming years but is afraid of incurring backlash from the Singaporean public.
Hence, it opted to surreptitiously first announce the need for “foreign talents” in the tech industry on Tuesday, which Singaporeans are less likely to make noise, before slipping in its main intent of “opening up” the programme to “other industries” 2 days later.
In essence, it boils down to issuing more EPs for foreigners to work in Singapore in the coming years under the new 4G PAP leadership.
Netizens have been quick to note that that the minimum qualifying salary for an EP holder is only $3,600, which is just $100 more than the median pay of $3,500 of what our fresh graduates got last year.
If these foreigners are truly “talented” and “experienced”, wouldn’t they be commanding a pay of at least 2 or 3 times what our fresh graduates can get? Many netizens asked.
MOM conned by companies into issuing EPs for “fake talents”
Meanwhile, it was reported earlier this year that the Manpower Ministry (MOM) was conned by a F&B company, GD Group, into issuing EPs to 20 “fake talents”.
GD Group deceived MOM into issuing EPs to 20 of its foreign employees, when they did not meet the requirements.
Between February 2013 and July 2015, GD Group falsely declared salary amounts of between $4,000 and $4,800 for its 20 foreign employees to meet the salary requirement for EPs, while actually paying them between $1,500 and $2,200.
Also, it’s not known what kind of “acceptable” qualifications the foreign workers had submitted which somehow, further convinced MOM to issue the EPs.
MOM acknowledged that the company falsely declared the salaries in order to circumvent foreign worker quota rules by hiring foreigners on EPs but paying them less than the declared salaries in the work pass applications.
Presently, there is no quota imposed on foreigners hired on EP as they are deemed to be “talented” PMETs.
MOM later fined the company $94,500 for making the false declarations in work pass applications. No jail term was imposed on the company directors.

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根据新加坡会计与企业管理局(ACRA)的注册公司资料库,过去负责为市镇会提供电脑和数据管理咨询服务的AIM公司(Action Information Management),已经在2015年除名。 根据资料显示,该公司最后一次召开股东大会,是在三年前的4月30日。不过,其显示的办公地址,已从创立初期填写的行动党总部地址,换成南滩塔(South Beach Tower)。 在2011年,工人党接管的阿裕尼-后港市镇会。除了遭CPG 管理代理公司终止服务,同时,上述AIM公司也要求终止对工人党市镇会的电脑系统服务,致使该市镇会须在两个月内,开发自己的电脑管理系统,确保服务不中断。 成立AIM公司助管理市镇会电脑系统 为支援市镇会的电脑技术管理,行动党在1991年7月22日成立了AIM。三名董事就是前行动党议员詹达斯、刘炳森和周亨增。 1994年,19个行动党选区市镇会,联合为新的市镇会管理系统(TCMS)进行招标。AIM参与竞标并成功获得合约。有AIM协调所有行动党市镇会的电脑系统,各市镇会就无需在联络其他供应商。 不过,来到2003年,行动党14个市镇会再进行联合招标,AIM并没有竞标,而是由国家电脑公司(National…

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