Taiwanese-based Singaporean activist and blogger Roy Ngerng Yi Ling took to his Facebook on Thursday (25 July) to urge local civil servants to always speak up and stand for the people, rather than blindly follow the ruling party’s plans and policies.
He said this after sharing images of Hong Kong government servants from different agencies posting up notes condemning police brutality and providing words of support to the movement happening in Hong Kong. They did so by uploading pictures of their staff cards, covering their names with the notes.
These images were originally shared by DW News’ journalist Cherrie Chan on her Twitter account.
Since 9 June, the streets of Hong Kong have been filled with millions of protesters marching to oppose the proposed Extradition Bill. This is because Hong Kongers are unhappy with the Hong Kong Legislative Council as it is adamant to pass a new law that would allow residents to be extradited to mainland China.
Their biggest issue with the proposed law is that it is seen as a real threat to the city’s judicial and legal independence from China which is enshrined in the “One Country, Two Systems” model put in place when the British relinquished control of Hong Kong to the Chinese government.
In Mr Ngerng’s post, he said that it’s amazing to see civil servants “speaking up against the state-sanctioned violence in Hong Kong”, and called Singaporeans to be inspired by the Hong Kongers.
“When we work for the government, as I once did, our heart must always be about protecting Singaporeans and ensuring that Singaporeans’ livelihoods are protected,” he wrote.
The activist also pointed out that the job of civil servants in Singapore “should not be to protect people who have taken over government, to earn from Singaporeans”. They should not also defend the ruling government’s weak policies.
He added that the local government servants should always do the right thing and remember the “righteous belief and justice” that they had when they first joined the government service.
“We need to stand for what we believe in. we need to vote for parties which have articulated very clearly how they will return Singaporeans’ monies to ensure Singaporeans are able to access education, healthcare and retirement,” he noted.
If that is not all, Mr Ngerng also mentioned that based on one of his videos that he uploaded on YouTube, it was revealed that Singaporeans have paid enough to actually receive free healthcare and university, as well as to retire adequately.
However, the money paid was used by the PAP government to fund their lucrative salaries, said the blogger.
As such, he said Singaporeans have to stop this and they should get their money back.
This can be done so at the upcoming election if the locals vote for fairness, justice and with their conscience.
“This election will be a fight for justice, for fairness, and for our conscience,” he said.

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