SPP’s Jose Raymond sets up befrienders programme in Potong Pasir

The Singapore People’s Party (SPP) has begun to show how its time investment in the single-member constituency of Potong Pasir has led to positive developments for residents in the estate.

On Thursday, 4 July, the SPP’s Jose Raymond announced through a Facebook post that he has started a befrienders programme in the estate called Potong Pasir Sayang.

Sayang is a Malay word which is used to show care or love towards someone.

In his post, Mr Jose said that “as a result of our outreach and engagement, we are proud to announce the start of our very own befrienders programme called “Potong Pasir Sayang” which aims to provide support and be in constant touch with the elderly in the estate who either live alone or with a caregiver.”

He added that the youngest befriender who has joined him was a 16-year old student and that all of the befrienders were residents of the estate.

He said in his post that the programme was started as a result of his team’s knocking on doors and connecting with people in the estate.

The ‘Potong Pasir Sayang’ project is the latest initiative to be announced by Mr Jose in Potong Pasir.

A few weeks ago, he also announced how he had put together a panel of lawyers to support the needs of the residents in the estate who have sought legal advice from him.

In response to a query about the nature of the cases which residents are consulting him over, Mr Jose said the cases were “very diverse in nature” which is why a panel of lawyers with different areas of expertise was needed.

“I am thankful for the lawyers who have committed their time, and many on a pro-bono basis just to provide support for the families and residents in need in Potong Pasir.

“Likewise, I’m humbled by the residents who have volunteered to be befrienders. I’m eternally indebted to them for their support, but we are driven by the fact that we help change lives every single day,” he said.