Singaporean songstress Stefanie Sun to perform at the 30th Golden Melody Awards, 29 June

Singaporean songstress Stefanie Sun to perform at the 30th Golden Melody Awards, 29 June

The 30th Golden Melody Awards is in for a treat this year as Singaporean pop diva Stefanie Sun takes the stage to perform a suite of classic tunes by talent Chinese songtress including Faye Wong, A-mei Chang, Sammi Cheng, as well as her own works. Sun was invited to start a dialogue on feminine power through her distinct voice at the Golden Melody Awards.

The singer-songwriter says it is especially meaningful to her to be able to represent women’s voices and is excited for the challenge of incorporating various songs by these various outstanding and influential women of her time. She hopes to showcase their uniqueness and independent in a spirit of mutual support and admiration, allowing the audience to reminisce over how they used to emotionally connect to these songs.

Women take on myriad of roles at home, work and society at large and in the recent awakening of feminist awareness, more and more women are bravely stepping out to pursue their dreams. Sun believes that the best manifestation of ‘girl power’ is seeking the life you want for yourself despite the opinions and criticisms of everyone else around you. You are the master of your own life, so do not limit your potential for anyone or any reason, says Sun.

Having not performed in Taiwan for quite a while, Sun is deeply missed by many fans. “I miss you too. Hope everyone is doing well. We will see each other soon,” She said smilingly. For eager fans, Sun also revealed that she’ll be performing a special 0th anniversary concert next year on top of releasing a new album.

30th Golden Melody Awards, 29 June

For now, the 30th Golden Melody Awards Ceremony will be held on June 29th at the Taipei Arena. The red carpet event and the ceremony will be broadcasted respectively at 16:50 and 19:00 on TTV. The award ceremony will also be broadcasted on Hami Video, TOUCH TTV, YouTube, MOD, UFO Radio, StarHub (Singapore), Astro (Malaysia) and Tencent Video (Mainland China).

Reruns of the ceremony will be available on TTV Main Channel, TTV General Channel, Unique Satellite Television, Unique Business News and Unique Satellite TV (USTV) Business Channel after the live broadcast as well. Through these platform, people around the world can watch the ceremony.

In this year’s award ceremony, the “Multi-aspect” service is provided, allowing the audience to stay updated with the latest news about the artists and award winners. The audience can download the “GMA 2019” app to watch the live broadcast, including “Walk of Fame and Award Ceremony LIVE,” “Walk of Fame and Award Ceremony LIVE-Sign Language Service,” “Walk of Fame: the Red Carpet,” “Walk of Fame: Host Interviews,” ” Walk of Fame: Media Interviews,” and “Award Ceremony: Acceptance Speeches.”

The 2019 GMA Festival will also host a slew of events including a conference, Biz Matching Center, Exhibition, Showcase, GMA Heat, etc. Prominent international speakers will be invited to share their experiences and interact at the GMA events.

GMA will also expand its strategic alliance with major music festivals around the world so the audience will be able to listen to different music and performance styles coming from different regions and countries. For more information, please visit the GMA official website or follow GMA’s Facebook page.

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