Ang Mo Kio platform / Photo: Wikipedia

A short train delay along the North South Line on Friday morning

The train service along the North South Line (NSL) experienced a short delay around 8am this Friday morning (31 May).

Transport operator SMRT did not inform about this disruption via social media but according to commuters, it was said to have been caused by a track fault at Ang Mo Kio, which caused delays in the Southbound service towards Marina South Pier.

Several commuters posted the information on TATA SMRT Facebook platform; Jun Liang posted updates beginning at 7:48am:

Jun Liang wrote:

*UPDATE 2: train resumed at 7:54am. expect delay due to train congestion b4 AMK

*UPDATE: track fault at AMK. just announced at station [NSL] train currently stopped at AMK towards southbound for more than 3mins since 7:48am

expect delays on NSL towards southbound.

Other passengers also communicated and informed on the Facebook:

Matthias Goh wrote at 8:11am: “As of what I heard, due to ECB activated train service twds MSP will be slightly delayed.”
Jun Liang wrote at 8:18am: “Matthias Goh just heard at where? before i alight at orchard, the in train announcements still saying about earlier track fault.”

Matthias Goh wrote at 8:19am: “Jun Liang AMK MRT Station Platform A.”

Damien Tay wrote at 8:23am: “Train just slowed and stopped nearing Ang Mo Kio…”

At 8:28am Halim Suciarto informed that the train has operated normally, except that it has to wait shortly for the next train when entering station:

Halim Suciarto wrote at 8:28am: “In train from AMK towards Bishan now. Normal operation, except that it has to wait a bit for the next train when entering station (back to back).”

Only a couple passengers posted comments on the Twitter platform: