A netizen by the name Fattah Kent took to his Facebook on Monday (27 May) to express his anger and disappointment towards Singapore Post (SingPost) for losing his parcel from Australia at their processing facility.

According to Mr Kent, it appears that he made a purchase for an item from Australia for AUD$1551.57 (S$1479.43) on 10 April. The Australian seller then shipped the item out on 30 April and it “arrived in Singapore and at Singapore Post on 2nd of May 2019 @ 6.38am.

However, things took a drastic turn after this because at 12.04pm on the same day, Mr Kent checked SingPost Tracking and found out that the status stated “Unsuccessful Delivery. Identification document not ready”.

After finding it rather strange, the man then contacted SingPost via its live chat and was told “it was a mishap on their end and no attempted delivery was made”.

“I was told to wait 3 days to get an update from them. 3 days passed, and I received no news. I had to call them again and was told to wait another 2 days. 4 days passed, and I received no news AGAIN. I called them to receive my own update and they requested me to call the seller to ask for compensation,” he wrote.

He revealed that a SingPost staff named Shachi Gaur told him that his item went missing at the processing facility, and when Mr Kent demanded for a full compensation of the parcel’s cost, he was told it was not possible “as their standard procedure was to compensate the seller”.

“Mind you, the seller has received the money and it makes absolutely no sense for Singapore Post to give him more money and leave me empty-handed. After an exchange of heated argument, I was told to wait until the end of the day to receive a call from the Manager who will be able to answer all my doubts and questions. No call was attempted,” he expressed.

Finally, a day later, the supervisor of the social media team got in touch with Mr Kent, but noted the same thing that there’s nothing much can be done as his parcel was declared lost. At this point, the netizen was extremely annoyed and had another argument with the supervisor, before being told that a manager will get back to him.

The next day, another supervisor, Suvam Chatterjee, rang him and repeated the same excuse, and said that an investigation is ongoing and he will receive an update soon.

After some wait, SingPost told him that they will make a one-time exception and reimburse him (the recipient). After submitting all the necessary documents requested by the company for the compensation, SingPost called him and told that the maximum that they will pay is S$150, although he kept asking for a full reimbursement.

“What utter rubbish. I ordered my parcel > the seller fulfilled the order on his end > Australian Post delivered the parcel from Australia to Singapore with no issue > Singapore Post lost my parcel. And yet, Singapore Post is doing the bare minimum and only compensating me less than 10% of the original price when it is clearly Singapore Post fault. This is daylight robbery and I am utterly disappointed,” he said.

He added that he is now trying to get full reimbursement and noted that how “horrible” and “incompetent” the company is.

Upon reading his post, many other netizens shared their disappointment towards the company and penned down their dissatisfaction over SingPost’s act towards Mr Kent. Despite all the previous bad cases involving SingPost like late mail and parcel delivery as well as discarding unopened letters in the bin without delivering them, some highlighted that the courier company has not improved at all, even after apologising for their shortcomings and announced measures to improve their poor service.

A group of online users also pointed out a similar situation that they’ve encountered with the company. Some even said it happened to them on multiple occasions and they’ve lost a huge sum of money because of SingPost’s poor service.


On the other hand, Latok Bomoh Rock and Zen Teng, who are current and former employees of SingPost respectively, noted that no one in the management care about such problems. Zen Teng added that it’s their Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and they are not bothered if an item goes missing and will only pay a maximum reimbursement of S$150.


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