Lee Hsien Yang put up security deposit of 20k for Jolovan Wham’s appeal against decision on conviction of scandalising the judiciary

Civil activist Jolovan Wham has shared that Mr Lee Hsien Yang, son of late Lee Kuan Yew and brother to current Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, has helped him to put up the $20,000 security deposit for the appeal that he is making against his conviction by the High Court on a charge of scandalising the judiciary.

Posting on twitter, Wham wrote that the amount that is placed as security deposit might not be recoverable if he loses his appeal and commented, “Justice is not cheap!”

Following that tweet, Wham noted that Mr Lee Hsien Yang had reached out to him and offered to put up the security for costs on his behalf. He went on to express his gratitude for Mr Lee’s generosity.

Wham was earlier slapped with a fine of S$5,000 by Justice Woo Bih Li on conviction of scandalising the judiciary with his Facebook post on 27 April last year stating that Singapore’s courts are not as independent as Malaysia’s on cases with political implications.

In addition to the fine, Wham was told to pay S$2997.82 in legal costs and disbursements to the Attorney General’s Chamber. Lawyers representing Wham said that they will be contesting the fines and disbursement fees.

Other than assisting Wham, Mr Lee Hsien Yang had earlier contributed to the legal funds in Mr Leong Sze Hian’s defence against the defamation suit filed by his brother, PM Lee.