As part of the Better Internet Campaign (BIC) 2019, the Media Literacy Council (MLC) has rolled out a new concept design for a SBS Transit train. Following the campaign’s theme of ‘1 Click Away’, the concept’s design brings to question commuters’ last online interactions, and provoke them to contemplate the choices they have made.

This is presented by displaying several questions-and-answers prompts, which are accompanied by examples of popular scams, fake news and social media comments that occurred last year. It also includes the campaign’s key message of “Be Safe, Be Smart, and Be Kind”, which encourages users to embrace more conscious, discerning and empathetic actions online.

From now till end of May, commuters can catch the themed SBS Transit train operating along the North East Line, and this 6-cabin train is expected to be seen by over 800,000 passengers daily.

If that is not all, the concept train also introduces Clicky, the voice of reason that will appear in a series of multi-platform ads to get users to reflect on how their online choices can become a catalyst for positive or negative outcomes on the internet for everyone.

Additionally, MLC has also launched bus wrap ads that will run from mid-April to early-July this year.

On 8 April, a new 30-second BIC advertisement was also released and it is now airing on all television channels, with a full feature version available on the Campaign’s website, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. It was also the first to be played on SMRT’s new, in-train Active Route Map Information System (STARiS) platforms.

The commercial follows a three-part storyline that shows how each character is faced with the decisions that they make online and how these decisions impact others. The plot consciously featured social archetypes that challenge stereotypes of who is vulnerable to digital challenges – a popular influencer being cyber-bullied, a model student cyber bullying, and an educated professional falling for scams.

In March, the ‘Get Smart with Sherlock’ fact-checking starter kit and the ‘New and Media Literacy Toolkit’ were launched at the Better Internet Conference. Educational materials from these kits would be adapted for public education on the Council’s social media platforms during the year-long campaign, which will run in two phases, from March to May, and September to November 2019.

More information about the campaign can be found on

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