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In case you’ve not heard it, famous travel vblogger Nuseir Yassin, better known as the founder of Nas Daily, has officially moved to Singapore with his girlfriend, Aylne Tamir.

The Palestinian-Isreali known for his travelling around the world making daily, 1-minute Facebook video, had announced in March that he will be moving to Singapore with his girlfriend along with their production firm, Nas Daily Corporation.

After arriving to the city-state on 17 April, he went on and organised a large-scale fan meet up three days later (20 April) at the Botanic Gardens. It was reported that the event attracted about 2,000 fans who gathered to meet him for his first meet up.

Now that he has been in the country for about two week, on Friday (26 April), he released a video on his Facebook page explaining why he decided to move to this part of the world to stay and grow his business.

In the video, he said that although Singapore is not the place he wants to live in due to its bad weather, high cost of living, far distance from his family and has a very different culture from his, he still decided to call his place his home because of a few reasons.

He explained that the reasons why he wants to build his business here is because the country is safe with low crime rate, lower corruption level making business a lot more attractive, easy to get around as the country is very small, fairly easy to communicate as everyone speaks English and Singapore is strategically located surrounded by other countries like China, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Australia and India which makes it possible for him to do business all around Asia.

“Singapore is not perfect. But objectively speaking, this place has a standard of living and opportunities that are very hard to find anywhere else, and that’s why I decided to call this place home,” he said.

Upon uploading his video on his Facebook page, many netizens commented and a large group of foreigners living in Singapore shared how great the country is from their perspective. Many of them opined that he had made a right choice of moving to Singapore as the country is extremely safe, has diverse culture with beautiful places to see, the Government policies welcome innovation and efficiency, and it will be a great hub for him to produce great stories.


His move and his simple message in the video even inspired Jenn Nghiem to travel to Singapore as she wants to check out the country.

However, there a number of online users who said that he made a wrong move and should have picked another city like Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok or Ho Chi Minh City. They said that the country can be boring and “the business mentality and ‘everyone is a cop’ thinking will make you crazy”. Apart from that, the high living cost will also make it very difficult for people to live in as “you can live in Singapore if you are wealthy or are paid above the standard of living or you stay off Singapore and plant banana, sell banana, and eat banana”.

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