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by Brad Bowyer

How can it be that so much energy is poured into a law that appears to protect institutions over individuals while individuals who are actually proven to have been harmed see no justice or protection?

So do we have the rule of law or rule by law?

When law ceases to protect the people but is used to repress them you know the society is on its last legs.

Society only works when we have a defined set of rules to live together, “laws”, and we all agree to live equally under them.

Once this is no longer the case then society breaks down.

Slowly at first with creeping neglect and corruption as people find ways around the unjust laws or their use, then growth in open crime and violence as they fight for their bit of the shrinking pie and don’t care anymore and finally anarchy and full-on collapse when it becomes a free for all and “might is right”.

This will be Singapore’s fate unless the people demand a government that subjects itself to the law and does not continue to twist, change or exempt itself from the law at its own whims and to suit and protect itself and its agendas.

Without equality, clarity and consistency under the law for EVERYONE, we are back to feudalism and conflict.

Is that what we really want?

This was first published on Brad Bowyer’s Facebook page and reproduced with permission.

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