Photo Credit: ‎Wongu Njie Chingu‎/Facebook

On Monday evening (April 15), four people were taken to the hospital after a car crashed into a metal bollard along a pavement at Marina Bay Financial Centre (MBFC).

All the injured individuals – a male car passenger and three female pedestrians – were reported to be conscious when they were taken to Singapore General Hospital.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said that they received a distress call at around 6.10pm about an accident that occurred at the junction of Central Boulevard and Marina Way.

The seriousness of the injuries are unknown, but it is understood that one of the victims were treated as urgent.

It was reported that the 25-year-old driver of the car was arrested for causing grievous hurt by negligent act.

“I saw five people waiting to cross the road and all were knocked down. Two seemed to be alright, but three (seemed bad). One of them was my colleague. Her injuries looked serious but she was conscious,” said eye-witness Jack Tan to Yahoo News Singapore.

Another eye-witness, only wants to be known as Xin Heng, told The Straits Times that she had just finished crossing the pedestrian lane along MBFC when she heard the sound of car screeching behind her followed by a loud bang. Right after that she heard a voice of a woman screaming in pain.

The 29-year-old woman, who works at MBFC, turned around to see what happened and saw at least one bollard was knocked down.

“If I had taken the lift later or walked 15 seconds slower, (one of the victims) would have been me,” said the lawyer who was shaken by the accident.

Based on a video posted on the Facebook page of Connextaxi, it shows that a large crowd was surrounding what appears to be a red Mitsubishi Lancer, with a damaged metal bollard seen near it.

Some people were also standing at the grass area in front of the crashed car, offering help to the injured victims at the scene.


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