Aerial view of container harbour in Singapore with stacks of container and crane. (Image by Creativa Images / Shutterstock)

Singapore has once again been ranked as the world’s top maritime capital in the Leading Maritime Capitals of the World 2019 (LMC) report released by consultancy form Menon Economics.

The Report, which was unveiled on 10 April, shows Singapore leading the charge for the fourth consecutive year followed by Hamburg, Rotterdam, Hong Kong, London, and Shanghai.

The LMC report looked at 15 maritime capitals across the world, assessing five pillars. Singapore retained the top position in three pillars – Shipping, Ports and Logistics as well as Attractiveness and Competitiveness.

The report also highlighted Singapore’s continued efforts to strengthen it’s attractiveness as an international maritime centre which has been well received by the industry.

The 200 experts who contributed to the report predicted Singapore’s continued dominance in the field but highlighted strong competition from other maritime capitals like Shanghai and Dubai over the next five years.

Singapore’s port remains one of the busiest ports in the world, sustaining an overall growth in 2018, said the Maritime Port Authority in a statement. In 2018, the port’s container throughput hit 36.6 million two-foot equivalent units and the vessel arrival tonnage reached 2.79 billion gross tonnes.

Ms Quah Ley Hoon, Chief Executive of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore said, “To be once again recognised as the leading maritime capital that provides the full range of support, in terms of infrastructure and talent, is an affirmation of Singapore’s commitment to develop and grow the maritime industry.”

“Singapore will continue to deepen our efforts to drive connectivity, innovation and talent. We thank our partners and stakeholders for their continued support and look forward to working closely with them to foster a close-knit eco-system for Singapore’s maritime industry,” she added.

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