Khaw Boon Wan & Poh Li San (second from left) at the Women's Festival 2019 (Image from Facebook)

Khaw Boon Wan uses his recent injury as a cautionary tale for seniors in Singapore

Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan described fracturing his left arm was very painful. Speaking at the Women’s Festival 2019 at Kampung Admiralty on Sunday morning (24 March), Mr Khaw said, “I have never experienced so much pain! The doctors told me this type of fracture, the pain is more painful than delivering babies, but I said I don’t know because I never had that experience. But I can tell you it is very painful.”

Mr Khaw injured himself after an unfortunate fall as he hastily jumped out of bed to get to the toilet earlier this year. The Sembawang GRC MP made his first appearance since the fall at this grassroots event where he used his painful experience as a cautionary tale abou the dangers of falling.

Still on extended medical leave, Mr Khaw said that the accident happened around midnight when he really to use the toilet. He said he also had a bad cough at the time.

“My wife was sleeping very well, and I am a very good husband, so I did not want to disturb her,” he recounted. “I knew I should not have jumped out of bed, but I did so anyway.”

In his haste, Mr Khaw fell with a loud crash, waking his family who called for an ambulance. The doctor believe that Mr Khaw fainted when he got up quickly, which led to his fall.

Mr Khaw was subsequently admitted to the the Singapore General Hospital for about two weeks, undergoing a three-hour operation on his fractured hand. He now walks around with a titanium place which is holding his arm in place.

“But old bones take time to join together, and I need another one month,” he said.

Speaking at the event, organised by Changi Airport Group VP for Terminal 5 Planning Poh Li San whose seemed to be sharing the spotlight with him, Mr Khaw thanked his residents for their well-wishes and cautioned them to learn from his experience.

Screenshot of The Straits Times Facebook page

From the article published on ST, Ms Poh featured right alongside Mr Khaw at the Women’s Festival 2019. Ms Poh has recently said that she would be willing to get into politics if given the chance. She has been active at the grassroots level for a while now, organising and participating in events in Sembawang GRC where she serves as the Deputy Chairman for the PAP Sembawang GRC Branch.

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