Crowds at Bukit Panjang Station / Photo: Simon Soh’s post on TATA SMRT Facebook

Train disruption along DTL on Wednesday morning

The Downtown Line (DTL) train service was disrupted this morning (6 March) due to signaling fault, according to a later statement tweeted by SBS Transit. The train delay occurred since about 8am until after 9am.

Information about the delay were posted on the TATA SMRT Facebook platform by commuters:

Simon Soh wrote at 8:09am: “DTL DOWN Bt Panjang Stn No service. No announcements. No bridging services. No way off the escalator. Please DETOUR.” He shared a photo:

El Lee commented to Simon Soh at 8:12am: “Beauty World station towards city very crowded.”

Simon Soh added at 8:18am: “Those travelling from Bt Pj towards town, 67 is regular and quite empty still.”

Chris Goh wrote at 8:24am: “Moving from BP. It stopped at Cashew for sometimes before moving off to Beauty World.”

Jeannie Tan informed that it was safe to travel from Tampines East to Macpherson:

Jeannie Tan wrote at 8:38am: “Safe to travel DTL from Tampines East to Macpherson, no problem.” 🙂

Another commuter added more information:

Hanisah Mohamed Husin wrote at 8:46am: “DTL having issues. Whoever stuck at the entrance of Newton DTL, can re-enter NSL again. Pls DO NOT tap in ur ezlink upon re-entering. Seek counter assistance. They will send out an email to all stations on the exit part.”

Some passengers informed and complained about the DTL train delay on the Twitter platform:

At 8:33am and 8:44am SBS Transit informed about the delay, stating signal fault as the cause:

And at 9:01 SBS Transit tweeted that the fault was rectified, train service was back to normal, free bus services were still available:

Finally, at 9:19am SBS Transit informed that the free bus services were stopped, DTL was back normal:

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