Yesterday (2 Mar), at a police event which celebrated 70 years of women in policing, Manpower Minister Josephine Teo revealed that her mother was also a woman police officer.

Ms Teo took the opportunity to cite her mother’s police service when she paid tribute to the achievements of the female police officers in Singapore.

She told the audience gathered at the Home Team Academy that she had learnt first-hand what it takes to be a woman police officer and the sacrifices they make by seeing her own mother Madam Leow Chee Chu going out on duty.

Addressing the many female police retirees in the audience, Ms Teo said, “Your work often requires sacrifices; such as weekends with loved ones that you cannot be part of or key events at home that you missed because you’re on duty.”

She revealed that her mother, who is 77 this year, had served in radio, traffic, and the CID during her time with the Singapore Police Force (SPF). She had also served with the ISD.

Ms Teo said she found the courage to enter public life because of her mother, who had served as a police officer for more than 20 years. “It was my mother’s first and only career,” she said. “If you have ever wondered where I found the courage to enter public life, look no further than my mother. Her feisty character and resilience must have rubbed off on me.”

“As to what moulded my mother’s character, I’m inclined to believe the police and the Old Police Academy had a lot to do with it because when she started her police career, she was not yet 20,” she added.

Ms Teo also revealed that her mother, presumably after her retirement, was willing to “sacrifice her own leisure to help me look after my children when they were young”. She said this was critical as it gave her the peace of mind to focus on her career.

Josephine Teo’s flying career in public service and politics

Indeed, Ms Teo has done very well for herself in her career, for someone who advises Singaporeans that they don’t need much space “to have sex”.

Ms Teo started her career in EDB (1992 to 2002). She began her career in EDB’s enterprise development and later became EDB’s Head of Human Resources. She then went over the A*STAR to become its Head of Human Resources (2002 to 2006), before she was “discovered” by PAP. She entered politics in 2006 and was elected as MP in Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC. She then moved to NTUC and served as its Assistant Secretary-General (2007 to 2011).

Following the 2011 election, she was appointed a Minister of State at the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Transport. She was later promoted to Senior Minister Of State at the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Transport in 2013. After 2015 election, she was promoted to full minister and appointed as Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). She later succeeded Lim Swee Say to become Manpower Minister. She is said to be the second female minister to helm a ministry in Singapore.

Certainly, Ms Teo is very lucky to have a mother willing to look after her kids while she went on to build her career. Unlike the many financial issues faced by many Singaporean elderly these days, which force them to continue to work, Ms Teo’s mother did not appear to have such issues and could spare time to look after Ms Teo’s kids. As what Ms Teo said, her mother only “sacrificed her own leisure” time.

Pension scheme for old police officers

Note that Ms Teo’s mother was a police officer before Singapore gained independence, which means her mother would be eligible under the old police pension scheme. In those days, policewomen retired at 45, which explains why her mother only served in the police force for more than 20 years, starting from the age of about 20 years old.

So, under the police pension scheme, for a retired policewoman at the age of 77, she would still be receiving her monthly pension. However, for the rest of the Singaporean elderly on the CPF Retirement Sum Scheme (RSS), take note that payouts are computed to last a CPF member for only about 20 years.

In any case, even if Ms Teo’s mother left the SPF earlier and as such, forfeited her pension, Ms Teo’s high salary earned in public service or as a PAP politician would have ensured that there is more than enough money for her mother not to work and to just take care of her kids. As for the rest of Singaporeans, say, who are driving Grab, it’s not known if they can earn enough to feed their own family, let alone their parents.


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上月4日,香港特首林郑月娥宣布引用《紧急情况规例条例》通过《禁止蒙面规例》 ;任何人身处受规管的公众集会或公众游行,或非法集结(包括暴动)或未经批准的集结时,使用可能隐藏身份的蒙面物品,即属犯罪。 不过,香港高等法院在今日(18日)却裁定,港府上述紧急法在“危害公安”的情况下使用,属违反《基本法》,而《禁蒙面法》对基本权利限制超乎合理需要,亦属违宪。 据了解有24名泛民议员和前议员梁国雄(“长毛”)向法庭提出司法复核,他们指《紧急法》绕过香港立法会,赋予特首不受约束的立法权力,有违《基本法》。 针对《禁蒙面法》,他们质疑为何涵盖和平集会,且此法反而会激起更多抗议示威,遏制成效有限。 港府代表则说,《紧急法》没有与《基本法》条文相抵触,并称港府设“禁蒙面法”,为的是“拯救年轻人及香港市民”。 不过,在本周三法庭将聆审诉辩双方陈词,以商讨补救裁决所引发的情况。 港府颁《禁蒙面法》冲突仍持续 在上月4日,林郑月娥指示威者在使用暴力时几乎以蒙面形式进行,目的是为了隐藏身份、逃避行责。 他相信反蒙面发有效阻止激进分子违法,并有助于警方执法。 然而此举反而引来香港民间更激烈反弹,10月初香港多区仍有大型示威活动。仍有港民蒙面上街。  


人民之声领袖林鼎批评,政府每年花费数十亿元在国防安全上,但从未考虑将预算多用于医疗保健和学前教育,并点名前人力部长杨莉名在处理客工宿舍时出现疏失,应为此负上极大的责任。 谈及新加坡在此次疫情出现大转弯,林鼎表示是因为第四代领导层缺乏作出正确判断的能力。他认为一位优秀的领袖即使面对不全面的真实情况,他们也可以作出正确的判断。 与此同时,他也点名杨莉明,指她需要为客工宿舍处理欠缺妥当负上极大的责任。 由林鼎律师率领的人民之声团队竞选惹兰勿刹,对垒人民行动党杨莉明团队。 林鼎在昨日(2日)的直播中提到有关疫情的问题。他抨击人民行动党缺乏对社会弱势群体中的照顾,政府傲慢态度和照顾不周的政策,恐让新加坡难以生存。 林鼎直批政府每年花费数十亿在国防安全上,却未曾考虑将预算重新划分在医疗保健和学前教育。 另一方面,林鼎也在直播大谈人民之声的宣言,回忆起以前的新加坡繁荣时代,当时的人民无需担心工作,毕业生在毕业后也会有多种选择,人生是充满希望,人民甚至还期待退休,与如今忧心忡忡的生活天壤之别。 他也坦言由于政府对外来人士的欢迎,让许多新加坡人都感觉得到自己被政府所摒弃,但他也告诉惹兰勿刹的居民,人民的生活是可以改变的,公积金亦可在55岁时提出。 “如今,由于政府对外来人士的欢迎,让许多新加坡人感受到被摒弃,他们就像欢迎外星人进入到家庭,而忽略自己的孩子。” 他表示,外来人士大量涌入,从而夺走了本地人的就业机会。因此,人民之声主张应有更多的全民讨论和公决。 林鼎指,议员的宗旨在于听取选民的声音,与选民合作并转达人民的声音。