Jolovan Wham investigated under the Public Order Act for taking photo in front of State Court

Activist Jolovan Wham is being investigated for taking a picture outside the State Court in support of TOC Editor Terry Xu and Daniel Augustin De Costa who had been charged with criminal defamation last year. Their cases are currently ongoing.

A photo which was shared on Mr Wham’s Instagram on 13 December 2018 shows the act of him holding up an A4 sized sign with the words “Drop the charges against Terry Xu and Daniel De Costa”.

TOC understands that Mr Wham has been informed by the Police that he has committed an offence under the Public Order Act and as such, is being investigated under that act.

TOC also understands that Mr Wham was at the location for only a few seconds to take the photo and posted the photo on his instagram soon after.

This morning, Mr Wham was called to the Cantonment Police Station and was interviewed for  over an hour. His phone was also confiscated by the Police.

According to the Public Order Act, the State Courts has been gazetted as a prohibited area where public assemblies and processions are prohibited.

TOC has reached out to the Singapore Police Force for comment and will include their response, should they choose to reply.

On 21 Feb, Wham was earlier sentenced a fine of $3,200 or an imprisonment term of 16 days for the illegal assembly where Hong Kong youth activist, appeared in a gathering via Skype and non-signing of his police statement.

Wham decided to not pay the fine but opt for the default imprisonment of 16 days. As Wham is appealing his conviction, he applied for bail and was granted at a sum of $8,000.

Wham also faces two other charges of organising public assembly without police permit and another two charges for not signing the police statements.