International human rights lawyer, M Ravi launches website documenting 16 years of his work

International human rights lawyer, speaker and author M Ravi is launching a new website which he defines as “an extension of a personal blog page and much more”. It will serve as an account of his work spanning over 16 years when he was in legal practice and the work that he currently does now on international human rights law outside Singapore.

Speaking on the website, he said: “In crystallising my ideas for this website, it is my clear intention to benefit society with the knowledge and experience I have gathered over the years. Along with educating others, I intend to educate myself too and capture new waves of legal discussion currently not adequately explored in Singapore. I have shared information about my past cases, articles and videos.”

Eventually, M Ravi also plans on releasing a unique video channel which will be known as RAVision. It will be an online interactive video channel where he engages with various experts and the Singaporean and international audience, on legal topics and issues.

“Through this channel, we hope to help viewers better understand their legal rights and thus be able to protect themselves at times when they need to do so,” he said.

The website, is now live. Do check it out.