PAP Ministers and MPs visit wake of billionaire Popiah King Sam Goi’s son

PAP Ministers and MPs visit wake of billionaire Popiah King Sam Goi’s son

The son of billionaire Sam Goi, Ben Goi, 43, died on Sunday (3 Feb) from a heart attack. Ben Goi married former TV actress Tracy Lee two years ago.

The media reported that several PAP ministers were at the wake, which is being held at Mr Goi’s home in Bukit Timah. They included ministers Heng Swee Keat, Vivian Balakrishnan, Masagos Zulkifli and Josephine Teo.

Former foreign minister George Yeo was also there, together with Mediacorp artistes. MP Teo Ser Luck was also at the wake. He and Ben Goi were on the same company board.

In 2017, Ben Goi’s wedding made headlines, with guests including celebrities and VIPs such as former Singapore president Tony Tan Keng Yam and his wife, ESM Goh Chok Tong and Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen.

Who is Sam Goi?

According to Forbes, Ben Goi’s father, Sam Goi, 70, is a billionaire. He is ranked 14th among Singapore’s 50 richest persons last year with a net worth of US$1.8 billion.

Forbes revealed that Sam Goi owns Tee Yih Jia Food Manufacturing, the world’s largest maker of popiah skins, which are used for spring rolls. He also has real estate interests through his stakes in listed firms GSH and KOP. In 2017, he sold a 28-story office tower for US$512 million to a Chinese buyer. He is also said to collect French antiques and Chinese artworks.

And according to Bloomberg, he also holds positions in multiple corporations:

  1. Executive Chairman of Tee Yih Jia Food Manufacturing Pte Ltd
  2. Executive Chairman of GSH Corporation Limited
  3. Vice-Chairman of JB Foods Limited
  4. Non-Executive Vice-Chairman of Super Group Ltd
  5. Non-Executive Vice-Chairman of Envictus International Holdings Ltd
  6. Non Executive & Non-Independent Director of Tung Lok Restaurants
  7. Director of Acelink Logistics Pte Ltd
  8. Director of Chinatown Food Corporation Pte Ltd
  9. Director of Eduplus Holdings Pte Ltd
  10. Director of Hydrex International Pte Ltd
  11. Director of Jhs Holding Pte Ltd
  12. Director of Junhe Investment Pte Ltd
  13. Director of Maker Food Manufacturing Pte Ltd
  14. Director of Oregold Pte Ltd
  15. Director of Ryushobo (S) Pte Ltd
  16. Director of Sun Resources Holdings Pte Ltd
  17. Director of Super Elite Holdings Pte Ltd
  18. Director of T&T Gourmet Cuisine Pte Ltd
  19. Director of Twin Investment Pte Ltd
  20. Director of Tyj Group Pte Ltd
  21. Director of Tyj International Pte Ltd
  22. Director of Tee Yih Jia Food Manufacturing Sdn Bhd
  23. Director of Desaru Property Development Sdn Bhd
  24. Director of Fujian Mingwei Food Enterprise Co., Ltd
  25. Director of Fujian Guanhui Food Enterprise Co., Ltd
  26. Director of Fujian Ryushobo Food Co., Ltd
  27. Director of Yangzhou Junhe Real Estate Co., Ltd
  28. Director of Yangzhou Junhe Property Development Co., Ltd
  29. Director of Junhe Real Estate (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd
  30. Director of Tianjin Investment Co., Ltd
  31. Director of Changzhou Care Real Estate Co., Ltd
  32. Director of Changzhou Care Real Estate Development Co., Ltd
  33. Director of Guan Hui Food Enterprise Company Limited
  34. Director of G City Limited
  35. Director of Tyj Holdings (Hk) Limited
  36. Director of Jsl Foods
  37. Director of Inc Main On Foods (Usa) Corp
  38. Director of Super Dragon Enterprises Limited
  39. Director of Ace Speed Group Limited
  40. Director of Smart Time Enterprises Limited
  41. Director of China World Agents Limited
  42. Director of Dominion International Asia Ltd
  43. Director of Tyj Land Ltd
  44. Director of Eduplus Language Centre Pte Ltd
  45. Director of Bright Films Pte Ltd
  46. Director of Rediffusion (2012) Pte Ltd
  47. Director of Care Property Holdings Pte Ltd
  48. Director of China World Investment Pte Ltd
  49. Director of Run Da Holdings Pte Ltd
  50. Director of Jiangsu Care Thw Real Estate Co., Ltd
  51. Director of Jiangsu Hengshun Seasonings & Foods Co., Ltd
  52. Director of Yangzhou Tianwei Co., Ltd
  53. Director of Zhenjiang Gentle World Real Estate Co., Ltd
  54. Director of Dominion International Asia Ltd
  55. Director of Super Dragon Enterprises Limited
  56. Director of Super Elite Group Limited
  57. Board Member of Singapore University of Technology and Design
  58. Board Member of Tan Kah Kee Foundation,
  59. Honorary President of Enterprise 50 Club’s
  60. Honorary Chairman for the International Federation of Fuqing Association
  61. council member for the Singapore Zhejiang Economic & Trade Council
  62. Regional representative for Fuzhou City and Fujian Province at IE Singapore


  • State Award of Panglima Gemilang Darjah Kinabalu (PGDK), which carries the title of Datuk, from the Head of State of Sabah
  • “Businessman of the Year” at the Singapore Business Awards (2014)
  • “SG50 Outstanding Chinese Business Pioneers Award” (2015)
  • Asia Enterprise Asia’s Lifetime Achievement Award (2015)
  • Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute’s Lifetime Achievement Award (2016)
  • Honoured by the People’s Tribune Magazine in Beijing (2017)

In addition, he has been appointed to a number of government committees.

Long time PAP member

Sam Goi is also a member of the ruling party, PAP. In 2015, he received the Long Service Award from PAP.

He was also a long time grassroots leader at Ulu Pandan. In 2014, he was conferred the Public Service Star (Bar) (BBM (L)) at the 49th National Day Awards by the president of Singapore for his “contributions to the community”.

For a while, he was the Chairman of Ulu Pandan Citizens Consultative Committee (CCC). Typically, many CCC members would happen to be also important senior PAP cadre members, who are eligible to elect PAP Central Executive Committee (CEC) members.

He recently stepped down as chairman of Ulu Pandan CCC but was appointed Singapore’s non-resident ambassador to Brazil last year.

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