Netizens furious at AVA for showing no sympathy to the man who was bitten by a snake in the case of mishandling the reptile

Netizens are furious at Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) for showing no sympathy to the man who was bitten by a snake while he was trying to capture the reptile at Tang Place.

On Tuesday night (29 January), AVA said that it was investigating the alleged mishandling of a snake after photos and videos of the python lurking outside the building along busy Orchard Road were circulated on social media earlier that day.

A video was uploaded by user Rabbikhan Khan, showed four men trying to capture the python.

In the two-minute video, the python was seen biting the hand of one of the men, which seems gloved. The man, who was wearing a shirt with the word “Anticimex” written on it, later stepped on the reptile as it struggled.

In another footage uploaded by Facebook user Tess Fernando, the python, which seems to be around 3m long, was originally seen partially coiled up behind a recycling bin.

AVA said the python was removed and handed to Wildlife Reserves Singapore.

However, there were no news reported on the condition of the man who bitten by the snake.

“Cruelty to animals is an offence under the Animals and Birds Act. AVA has issued a set of guidelines on the proper handling of snakes to all pest control and wildlife management agencies in Singapore,” the authority said.

“For example, snakes should not be unduly harmed by the persons handling it and appropriate equipment should be used to catch them.

“AVA investigates all feedback relating to animal cruelty and will not hesitate to take enforcement action against offenders,” it added.

However, netizens don’t really agree with AVA’s action of investigating this case for alleged mishandling of the snake as the man stepped on the reptile in an attempt to protect himself.