Woman blocks bus and demands the driver takes her back to her desired stop as she missed her stop

A woman who missed her stop on Friday night (25 January) created a commotion and demanded the bus driver to send her back to her desired stop.

The entire incident was recorded by netizen Pravin Kumar and he uploaded it on his Facebook page.

It appears that the woman from China first started making noise in bus number 43 from Paya Lebar MRT stop till Tai Seng bus stop. She made a lot of noise because she missed her stop and wanted the bus driver to turnaround and send her back to her original stop.

Despite all attempts and efforts by the driver to convince her that it was not possible for him to do that, she did not understand him and kept interrupting him. The driver even suggested her alternatives to get to her destination, but his suggestions were ignored.

“She then got down and even started blocking the bus from moving away. The commuters alighted too and tried to make reason with her for being a public nuisance which she opted to totally ignore,” he explained.


Upon viewing the video, many netizens were annoyed with her behaviour for causing so much trouble to everyone.

Some even suggested that they should have called the police and get her arrested.