Pro-PAP fanpage slammed by netizens for its post supporting SAF, calling for no blame

Shut down TRS, a pro-PAP fanpage was slammed by netizens for sharing a post by another user that supports Singapore Armed Forces (SAF).

On Thursday (24 January), the site shared a post by a user named gnoyihzoh who told that he felt disgusted at how Singaporeans are reacting to the recent incidents involving SAF. The fanpage put up the post on its timeline and captioned it “totally agree”.

It appears that one of the incidents that the user was referring to was the recent death of Aloysius Pang. He died on Wednesday (23 January) in New Zealand after sustaining serious injuries while carrying out repair works inside the Singapore Self-Propelled Howitzer (SSPH), four days earlier.

The user said that SAF has been receiving a lot of negativity but Singaporeans “don’t realise that what’s the impact on us for every incident that had happened. How much we have to forgo in our training due to safety precaution being heighten. How the incident affected us, both in our work and personal life”.

He went on further to ask if a driver gets into an accident on the streets, who do one blame? Is it the Land Transport Authority (LTA), driving school, car manufacturer or the driver itself?

He added, “Honestly, we can put in all our efforts to prevent things from happening but end of the day, it’s still an individual responsibility. You walk on the street and you fell down, you blame the workers for building the streets?”


Upon reading this shared post, many netizens lashed out at the gnoyihzoh and Shut down TRS for its comparison on this issue.

Although netizens are constantly bashing Shut down TRS for sharing the post, the site didn’t get offended and continued to defend its stand on the post.


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