The body of young actor Aloysius Pang has arrived back in Singapore after leaving Auckland, New Zealand on Friday (25 Jan) at noon (7am Singapore time).

The flight carrying Pang back, a Republic of Singapore Air Force KC-135R aircraft, landed in Singapore at about 5.45pm after more than 10-hours. His family received his body at Paya Lebar Air Base.

According to a staff member of the funeral parlour, Pang’s body left for Auckland Airport at 7.30am on 25 Jan, Friday (2:30am Singapore time). Channel NewsAsia (CNA) reported that a group of men at the airport – one of whom was wearing a Singapore Army uniform – asked if they were there for the ‘funeral’. Presumably, a short service was held at the airport as the plane didn’t take-off till about noon.

Following the family’s request to forgo an autopsy, Pang’s body left the Waikato Hospital mortuary on Thursday evening, a staff member told CNA. The body was transported to a local funeral parlour, Sincere Funeral Services, where it was held until it could be transported back to Singapore.

New Zealand police told CNA that a preliminary investigation into the incident was undertaken when they were notified of Pang’s death. However, Detective Inspector Brent Matuku said that the death was not being treated as ‘suspicious’ and added that the police offers their sympathies to Aloysius Pang’s family and friends.

The Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) said on Friday (Jan 25) that Pang will be accorded the honours of a military funeral.

Pang’s management agency, NoonTalk Meedia, said that those who wished to pay their last respects can do so from noon on Saturday to noon on Sunday. A private wake will be held for the family on Saturday morning.

He will be cremated on Sunday at Mandai Crematorium.
Earlier at a press conference on 24 Jan, Singapore Armed Forces senior commanders said that Pang has been crushed between the gun barrel of a howitzer and its cabin after be was ‘unable to get out of the way’ as the barrel was lowered. Pang was apparently carrying out repair works on the howitzer at the time.
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