Lim Tean calls out the fake WhatsApp message circulating in regards to the rally on 26 Jan

Lawyer and politician, Lim Tean has posted on his Facebook page that there is a fake WhatsApp message that has been circulating on social media about the speakers for the rally this coming 26 Jan.

The WhatsApp message had claimed that Dr Tan Cheng Bock , Lee Hsien Yang and Dr Lee Wei Ling will be speaking at the Abuse Of Process Rally held at Hong Lim Park, on 26 January.

Calling the message as “despicable fake news” and being spread by Internet Brigades of the People’s Action Party, Mr Lim said that it is untrue and he had never made such a claim.

“It is no doubt the work of the PAP IBs who are up to their usual dirty tricks dishing out fake news.” wrote Mr Lim.

He went on to state, “these despicable IBs will be trying to sow disinformation amongst Singaporeans with fake news via WhatsApp and other Social Media platforms”, leading up to the next General Election. (To read about PAP’s internet brigade, visit the series of articles TOC did back in 2014 here.)

“I advise all to be eternally vigilant against these enemies of our Nation.” warns Mr Lim.

He shared that the public will be informed in due course of the line-up of Speakers for the rally.

The rally was earlier announced by Mr Lim on Wednesday which is held in light of the countersuit by Leong Sze Hian, a veteran blogger and financial consultant, against Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong for the abuse of the process of the Court. Leong filed a countersuit after he was sued by PM Lee for sharing a link of an article on Facebook for defamation.

While the People’s Action Party government is coming up with a new legislation to deal with deliberate online falsehoods, it seems unlikely for the legislation to act upon such falsehoods. It has been seen on a couple of occasions how the government sidesteps on transgressions that is against the opposition or civil activists’ interest. With the actions of the Attorney General in recent days, it is even more doubtful that the new law will put an end to such behaviors against the critics of the government.