Woodlands checkpoint during pick hour (Photo by Nashriq Mohd from Shutterstock.com)

An Aetos auxiliary police officer was found dead with a gunshot wound to his head at the Woodlands Checkpoint on Thursday (10 January).

The 48-year-old man was found alone with a gunshot wound to his head at a staff rest area at the checkpoint.

Replying to media queries, the police said that no foul play is suspected.

The Police stated that they received a call for assistance at Woodlands Checkpoint at 6.38 am.

Upon arriving at the location, the police found the officer’s service revolver lying beside him.

He was pronounced dead by paramedics at 7.09 am.

The police stated that it is investigating the case.

Aetos Management’s spokesman told media that the company is rendering all necessary assistance to facilitate the investigation.

“Aetos Management has extended our deepest condolences to the family of the late officer and we are doing all we can to assist the family in their time of grief,” he said.

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据马来西亚媒体报导,马国职工总会(MTUC)日前曾建议当地政府仿效新加坡的政策,把马国退休年龄延长至65岁。 不过,马国首相马哈迪在两日前已回应,没有必要上调退休年龄,理由是避免限制年轻一代就业机会。 “如果设定在强制65岁退休,他们越迟退休,其他人(更年轻、有资历和技术)就越难升迁。” 不过马哈迪自己也不是94岁还在工作吗?对此他指出,不能拿他来作比较,他称自己原本就已是退休之人,只不过“被召回来工作”。 他解释,在他第一次任相期间(1981-2003年),就已经从55岁提高至56岁。而他的续任者再调高至60岁退休。 他指出,一些国家没有限制强制退休年龄,可以工作到任何时候,反而限制年轻人的机会。 至于我国总理李显龙日前在2019年国庆群众大会上宣布,政府将在2021年迈出第一步,在未来十年逐步把退休年龄和重新雇佣年龄,分别调高至65岁和70岁。 他在致词时提及,去年,人力部设立了年长雇员劳资政工作小组,而上月他和小组成员一起吃午餐,即便午餐期间也能感受到组员激烈讨论,特别是雇主、年长雇员都有个资考量,年长员工希望确认能受聘更久,但雇主们担心营运成本及经济前景,希望政策有更大的灵活性。

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