Dr Lee Weiling: AGC repeating allegations against Lee Suet Fern put forth by PM Lee in private dispute

Dr Lee Weiling shared today (9 January) on her Facebook page that the Attorney General Chamber is repeating the allegations made by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong about LKY’s Will through his personal lawyer, Lucien Wong, who is the current Attorney General, against Lee Suet Fern in the recent suit.

As indicated in PM Lee’s statutory declaration, he had questions on Ms Lee’s noticeable conflict of interest in her involvement in the Last Will as her husband, Lee Hsein Yang, was a beneficiary and will gain from the removal of Dr Lee’s additional share.

In Dr Lee’s post, she said that she had debunked the allegations in 2017 and shared that Ms Lee Suet Fern was the one who helped her to convince LKY to reinstate her rights and gave her an additional 1/7 share in the Will.

She went on further to say that it was PM Lee and Ho Ching who was denying her rights in LKY Final Will.

It was revealed earlier by Dr Lee that the AGC made a complaint of 500 pages to Law Society about Ms Lee for a possible professional misconduct over the handling of LKY’s Final Will.

“Mr Lee Hsien Yang’s share increased under the Last Will. AGC also noted that Mr Lee Hsien Yang had said publicly that the Last Will was drafted by Ms Kwa Kim Lee of M/s Lee & Lee. However Ms Kwa Kim Lee has denied that she drafted it,” AGC said in a statement on Monday (7 January).

According to AGC, Attorney-General Lucien Wong has recused himself from the case as Mr Wong used to be PM Lee’s lawyer who handled the Oxley Road matter. Deputy Attorney-General Lionel Yee is said to be now overseeing it.

However, it would seem based on AGC’s statement on Ms Lee Suet Fern that it is using allegations put forth by PM Lee and Lucien Wong that is not proven in court which raise questions as just how recused is Mr Wong in this matter.

Back in 2017, the two siblings, LHY and LWL had accused their brother of abusing his position on their dispute over the demolition of the old property at 38 Oxley Road which led to the Prime Minister to convene a debate in Parliament where he self-declared himself as being innocent of all the allegations put forth against him.