Top view of Ang Mo Kio Station / Photo: Wikipedia

Train disruption along NSL on Tuesday morning and short delay along EWL in the afternoon

On Tuesday (8 Jan) morning, train service for commuters along the North South Line (NSL) was disrupted; some posts on the social media platforms said it was caused by screen door fault at Bukit Gombak, but there was also a post informing station announcement at Choa Chu Kang said the delay was due to regulation of headway (spacing out) between trains governed by the ATS (Automatic Train Supervision) system.

And on the same day in the afternoon passengers along the East West Line (EWL) also experienced a short delay.

On TATA SMRT Facebook several posts informed on the NSL morning delay:

Andrew Ho wrote at 7:37am: “Train delay up to 4 minutes on NSL towards Jurong East Currently stuck at CCK station.”

Rayden Scotfield Tan wrote at 7:46am: “Screen door fault @ B. Gombak causing delays in Jurong East direction. Expect 5~6mins delay.”

Andrew Ho wrote again at 7:51am: “It was announced at the station. Trains are moving, but slower.”

A.C. Yap reported from Choa Chu Kang Station mentioning a slight delay, and updated that the Platform Screen Door at Bukit Gombak has looked to be normal at 7:56am:

A.C. Yap wrote at 7:51am: “Reporting live from Choa Chu Kang station. Train number 533/534 (service 237) in train announcement playback congestion ahead and expect slight delays. This is due to regulation of headway (spacing out) between trains governed by the ATS (Automatic Train Supervision) system. Expect slight delays, otherwise everything is normal.”

“UPDATE Pertaining to a member post on the PSD fault at Bukit Gombak platform towards JUR earlier, I had passed the said station and the PSD are operating normally. So rest assured. Thank you.”

A.C. Yap wrote at 7:56am: “Was at Bukit Gombak, everything looks normal.”

Commuters also informed and complained about the NSL morning delay on the Twitter platform:

At 8:34am a passenger informed that Ang Mo Kio Station was crowded and no one can board the train:

And other commuters tweeted complains until after 9am:

SMRT gave no official information through the morning incident and then in the afternoon commuters along the EWL got a short delay in their journey due to a train failure at Aljunied. The travel time between Bedok to Bugis was extended 15 mins.

The information about the EWL train delay were again posted on TATA SMRT Facebook:

Amir Hamzah wrote at 12:13pm: “Delay on the East West Line bound for Tuas Link. Trains stopped at stations for 2mins or more from Buona Vista onwards.”

Wayne Chew commented the post of Amir Hamzah at 12:29am: “15 mins additional time between Bedok-bugis.” And added at 12:30pm: “Train fault at Aljunied. Source from Land Transport Guru.”

Relievingly, at 12:46pm the problems on the EWL seemed to have been resolved:

A.C. Yap  commented the post of Amir Hamzah at 12:46pm: “Situation resolved.” (He shared a link from Land Transport Guru).