Source: JihanDevilish Joy Humaira Facebook account.

A Facebook post by JihanDevilish Joy Humaira on Sunday (16 December) went viral, which shown a few National Environment Agency officers confiscating utensils and food products at an open field where foreign labourers were gathering in front of Paya Lebar City Plaza.

In the video, men from NEA can be seen confiscated the stuffs, which apparently traditional Indonesian local food, like meatballs, pempek, and lontong.

Some Indonesian maid were also seen sitting around the area on plastic bags or used newspaper and there were some bowls, cups, and cooking utensils seen in the video.

The woman in the video said, “Be careful, guys! Singapore is tough! Where are the sellers? Poor ladies. All of their stuffs were confiscated including their stoves.”

Many Indonesian people took to comment section, reminding their fellow Indonesians to obey the regulations in the country. They noted that the officers have reminded them a couple of time before this incident, however, the selling of food persisted.

Some also asked whether all the sellers received penalty for the wrongdoing, however, no information regarding this was shared.

Others also reminded her fellow Indonesians that Singapore is not Indonesia, where they can sell stuff anywhere they want to and that they need to remember that their visa permit was work permit, in which they are not allowed to sell stuffs, both online and offline.

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