Nas of Nas Daily is starting his own company in San Francisco next year

Isreali Facebook blogger Nas Daily started with a simple challenge: make one video a day for 1000 days. In a short time, Nas’ daily one-minute videos became a hit, garnerning millions of views only hours after being uploaded and shared over thousands of times by viewers all around the world. Part of the draw is that he films all around the world and discusses a wide array of topics of his own choosing that many find either relatable to highly interesting.

In Singapore, Nas’ most recent videos have sparked debate about the city-state being an ‘almost perfect country’ as described by the bloggers while many started questioning whether Nas’ hyper-positive videos about Singapore were sponsored by the government. He denied these claims vehemently.

However, Nas subsequently published a number of videos which were clearly sponsored such as that by NTUC income, raising the question of whether the sponsored videos influenced his earlier videos.

Now, Nas is coming up on his 1000th video, the end of his original journey. But that’s not the end of Nas Daily. The blogger announced in his 967th one-minute video that he’s starting up a company called Nas Daily Co based in San Francisco.

In the video, Nas says he will be ‘working with over 100 more creators to make the best, most meaningful videos in the world’. According to Nas, the ‘company will make everything: documentaries, ads, Facebook videos, you name it’. He’ll also keep making videos for Facebook, similar to what he’s doing now but in a longer format and less frequently.