S’porean boss arrested in Thailand for recklessly driving his Porsche knocking down Thai policeman

Thai media The Nation reported that a Singaporean businessman, Simon Ong Chin Sim, 65, was arrested and charged after his speeding Porsche lost control and hit a Thai police officer at a speed checkpoint in Krabi.

The incident happened on Thursday morning (29 Nov).

Ong’s Porsche was part of a convoy of 5 Porsches seen speeding at high speed coming from Phuket. They all have Singapore licence plates.

As the speeding convoy approached the checkpoint, the first Porsche tried to slow down. The second also slowed suddenly.

Ong was driving the third Porsche and apparently tried to swerve left to avoid the second Porsche. But he lost control of his vehicle and the left wheel hit the Thai officer, Senior Sgt Maj Suriya Chumduang, at the checkpoint.

He suffered from hip and leg injuries and was later rushed to Krabi Hospital.

Ong was arrested on the spot and charged with reckless driving causing injury.

According to Bloomberg, Ong is the Deputy Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of Kingsmen Creatives Ltd.

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