SBS Transit to roll out new features for a more commuter-friendly travel experience

SBS Transit to roll out new features for a more commuter-friendly travel experience

SBS Transit shared in an announcement on Wednesday that free Wi-Fi will be made available on board 300 buses which serve the 18 bus services that are part of the Bukit Merah Bus Package starting from February 2019.

The 18 SBS Transit bus Services under the Bukit Merah Bus Package are 5, 16, 57, 93, 120, 121, 122, 123/123M, 131/131M, 145, 160, 170, 195, 198, 272, 273, 400 and 402.

According to the company, other new innovative features such as the interactive touchscreen panels, digital feedback panels will also be implemented at the Bukit Merah and HarbourFront bus interchanges on 18 November 2018 as part of the Bukit Merah Bus Package committed obligations.

The two Bus Interchanges will be furnished with interactive touchscreen panels to provide convenient access to travel information – the panels will display comprehensive and user-friendly information such as bus services, bus departure times, bus routes and locality map.

Commuters can also catch up on up-to-date information such as service extension hours, and even routes that are being diverted or delayed.

The company will also provide feedback panels at these bus interchanges near the Passenger Service Office to allow them to conveniently share immediate feedback on bus interchanges’ facilities such as toilet cleanliness and lighting of the interchanges.

“This will allow us to take corrective action quickly to provide the travel experience. Besides this, we also host quarterly Commuter Chat sessions at the two interchanges for our managers to engage commuters and listen to their feedback,” SBS Transit said.

In addition, it stated that there will be dedicated television screens at the two Bus Interchanges displaying information on local community events and activities to engage residents in the neighbourhood.

To enhance commuters’ journeys, the bus interchanges are equipped with mobile charging points for commuters to recharge their devices.

While, on rainy days, commuters can borrow umbrellas for free for 24 hours via a mobile application – the umbrella dispensers are located near the Passenger Service Office at these Bus Interchanges.

Mr Daniel Tan, who frequently takes bus Services 93 and 195, said, “I look forward to the free Wi-Fi as I will be able to check my email and watch YouTube videos on my bus rides without worrying about busting my data plans.”

SBS Transit Chief Executive Officer Mr Gan Juay Kiat said, “As part of our continuous commitment to enhance commuters’ travelling experience, we are leveraging on technology to boost our service quality as well as increase the accessibility and availability of information for commuters. We will continue to look for ways to make public transport travel a more commuter-friendly, convenient and seamless experience.”

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