Video interview claims Singaporean man yet to receive approval for housing assistance permit, lives in dumpster

A Singaporean man in Bukit Timah-Holland Group Representative Constituency (GRC) was discovered to have been living in a rubbish disposal centre for nearly two years after receiving no response regarding his application for a rental flat from the Housing and Development Board (HDB).

Social-media platform, All Singapore Stuff shared a video of the man living at the disposal centre at Ghim Moh Block 19 where the interviewer, named Mr Lim, expressed his concern over his neighbour’s recovery, saying that even a small-scale HDB flat would be more appropriate for the man “to have a proper rest” in than the rubbish bin facility.

Mr Lim also hoped that Member of Parliament (MP) “will give him a helping hand as soon as possible.”

The man, who had just returned from Indonesia, revealed that he has now been working as a cleaner at the rubbish disposal facility.

He highlighted having respiratory problems and “heart pain,” and that he had just been discharged from hospital the day before he gave the interview.

As he led the interviewer to observe the conditions of the washroom  and subsequently the makeshift bedroom that he had been staying in for almost a couple of years, the man said, before sitting on his bed: “I hope HDB will give me a rental house la.”

He added that staying in the current place as an interim measure is better than having to stay at a “car park” or somewhere more exposed.

Netizens’ reactions on the video appear to be conflicted.

Several commenters have expressed scepticism regarding the man’s story:

Others appear to be concerned about the exposé, fearing that it might result in the man losing even his temporary place of dwelling at the rubbish disposal facility:

Several netizens have also conveyed their sympathy for the man’s predicament, and believe that regardless of the circumstances that led to the man’s homelessness, his MP and HDB ought to have treated him more fairly, especially given his health problems:

One particular commenter revealed that she has witnessed a similar case many years ago, suggesting that the man’s case is not isolated:

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