President Halimah who launched Milo Gao Kosong will sing at President’s Star Charity show

President Halimah Yacob will be performing at the President’s Star Charity 2018 event on Sunday (14 Oct) this month.

She will be taking to the stage, along with her husband in a special closing performance together with The Purple Symphony, Singapore’s largest inclusive orchestra that includes musicians with special needs, as well as singer Aisyah Aziz, visually-handicapped singer Wai Yee and the Purple Choir Kids.

The theme for President’s Star Charity this year is “Shine Together”, and it will also include performances by homegrown celebrities like Zoe Tay, who will be performing a solo dance piece surrounded by kinetic light spheres.

The show will be telecast live on Channel 5 and Toggle from 7.30pm onwards. All proceeds from this fundraising event will go to 59 charities.

“The annual President’s Star Charity has been a key component in rallying the community-at-large to do their part to help the less fortunate. This year, I am glad that the emphasis is on empowering them so that they can achieve independence. I encourage all Singaporeans to give generously, whether in terms of monetary contributions, time or expertise so that we can build an inclusive and caring society,” said President Halimah in a media release.

International artists like Malaysian R&B singer Dayang, Hong Kong star Eason Chan and the Philippines’ pre-teen trio sensation TNT Boys will also be performing.

President Halimah endorsing sugar-free Milo 

In Jun this year, Milo launched a new beverage called ‘Milo Gao Kosong’. Nestle Singapore managing director Rajiv Deraniyagala said that the beverage was produced as a result of a “challenge” posed by President Halimah Yacob.

President Halimah inaugurated the beverage by drinking the first official cup of ‘Milo Gao Kosong’ at Plaza Singapura.

The President’s promotion of the beverage drew criticisms in social media. Netizens had expressed surprise that the President was personally involved in the launch of a commercial product from a company.

In any case, she later said on her Facebook page, “I was delighted to launch the world’s first MILO Gao Kosong yesterday. It is heartening that Nestle has taken my suggestion to create a version of MILO with zero table sugar added. I suggested this idea when I met the team during the Healthy Lifestyle Festival SG 2017. Congratulations, Nestle Singapore, and keep up your efforts in helping Singaporeans stay healthy.”