DBS Bank launched a new online application service leveraging the national platform MyInfo. The service enables new and existing customers to apply for a DBS/POSB credit card with instant approval, as well as open a DBS Cashline account online with immediate access to funds and related DBS Cashline account functions. Both services are a first in Singapore.

The service is accessible to the 3.3 million registered SingPass holders in Singapore on both DBS/POSB internet banking and websites. Traditionally, it can take up to a week for NTB customers to receive their credit card or access to DBS Cashline. But with MyInfo customers can receive real-time application approval without physical documentation.

To use this service, customers applying for a DBS/POSB credit card or DBS Cashline account can submit an online application via DBS/POSB internet banking or the bank’s websites, where they will be prompted to use MyInfo by logging in to their SingPass accounts. Upon customer consent, MyInfo will retrieve personal data from relevant government agencies to pre-populate relevant fields such as a customer’s official name, registered address and Notice of Assessment.

“Our focus here at DBS is to ensure customers can access our services with minimum fuss – MyInfo allows us to do this without compromising on quality, speed, and accuracy,” said Jeremy Soo, Head of Consumer Banking Group (Singapore) at DBS Bank.

NTB customers who choose to apply for a credit card with DBS/POSB will be notified of the approved credit limit immediately. They will also receive a DBS/POSB digibank account for internet and mobile banking as part of the application. Meanwhile, NTB customers opting for a DBS Cashline account will be signed up for a DBS/POSB digibank account during application, where they can instantly access, transfer and withdraw funds, as well as pay bills, using DBS/POSB’s digital token. NTB or existing customers can soon use MyInfo to open a current or savings account, and benefit from instant access to the bank’s full suite of banking services via DBS/POSB internet and mobile banking.

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作者:国际地产顾问公司总裁邱瑞荣 今年5月,政府宣布放宽政策,让年长者能够使用更多公积金的存款购买二手房屋,目的为提高并维持旧屋的价值。 人力部以夫妻约翰(48岁)和贞(45岁)为例,他们按照新条例将可按照较年轻买家岁数,动用公积全额购买价值43万新元,屋契剩下50年的四房式组屋。按照以往的条例,若要购买旧屋,其可动用公积金比率最多八成,亦即只能动用34万4000新元。 对此,市场观察者很快给出回应,指出“新条款开放以往由公积金条款的限制,有利于提高旧屋价值。” 看来旧屋价值真的会被解放。但事实上真是如此吗? (在此,我们先将旧屋的定义为40年以上的旧屋,意味着其屋契年龄剩下59年,亦是融资限制的开始,如买家数量减少,而强加了转售价值的压力。) 让我们检视看看, 约翰和贞以公积金43万新元,购买约屋契49年的组屋是否是明智之举。 若计划赶不上变化? 首先,约翰和贞是否有想过他们可能会在退休时期,生活出现危机和问题的可能?如果当时他们急需卖掉已居住15年的组屋,是否会有买家想要购买这仅剩35年屋契的组屋? 其潜在买家会是60岁以上可以使用公积金买房的人 60岁以下的买家则需以现金补贴购买房子…

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Please don’t destroy the plants, don’t disturb other people…do it within certain…

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