The interior of Buangkok MRT station (NE15) / Photo: Wikipedia

Minor train delay along NEL on Friday morning

A short train service disruption occurred along the North East Line (NEL) on Friday (5 Oct) morning which, according to announcement, was caused by a train fault at Buangkok. There was no official information from SBS Transit about this delay which happened for about 50 minutes from 7:10am to around 8:00am.

A passenger wrote a post on TATA SMRT Facebook platform at 7:13am that at Punggol the trains were packed and not moving along both sides:

Aiden Haoyu wrote: “Stuck at NE line. Punggol, both side trains packed and not moving.”

Other commuters responded and gave their comments to Aiden Haoyu post:

IrfanDanial Ardi wrote: “Same here for Sengkang, packed with a lot of people already.”

Lee Van How wrote: “Announcement said due to train fault at Buangkok.”

Meno Lazaga wrote: “At Buangkok, train line going to Punggol was reversed to go towards Harbourfront.”

But several minutes later Aiden Haoyu posted that the train has moved:

Aiden Haoyu wrote at 7:20am: “Lucky now moving.” And at 7:34 added: “It’s moving but rather slow.”

Other passengers still added information on the platform:

Delon Chew wrote at 7:40am: “There’s bunching at Serangoon. Just alighted from my train and next train is at its rear.”

Jason Cheng wrote at 8:08am: “Yes packed n slow train.”

And commuters also wrote questions and information on the Twitter platform:

At 8:30am Luo Angi Angela informed on TATA SMRT that after 8am the journey on the line has moved smoothly:

Luo Anqi Angela wrote: “After 8am was ok. was smooth journey.”

The NEL service presumably returned to normal after about 8am as no further information or complains posted on the social media platforms.