Institutionalised opposition

by Jim Yap

I refer to the Workers’ Party Secretary General, Mr Pritam Singh’s comment of wanting to become one of the numerous Institutions and High-Level Committees that we already have in the Country, as carried over from a report by “Mothership”.
I am puzzled of Mr Singh’s gestures as I understand Singaporeans grievances to be directed against those very Institutions that are perceived to be fruitless and ineffective.
What they want currently, is an overhaul of the entire system which they feel is a failure and I’m quite surprised that Mr Singh is actually seeking to be a part of it?
In the words of Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean in the 2006 elections to Desmond Lim of the Singapore Democratic Alliance when he contested Pasir Ris-Punggol, of his plans for the Ward to which Desmond mentioned to vote for him and he’ll then implement those plans. DPM asked Desmond to consider joining his grassroots.
I thought that if the Workers’ Party is going to be People’s Action Party in blue, what is the point of casting the vote for them? I remembered Sylvia Lim’s speech on 2011 Nomination to vote for the WP and you will see improvements to your lives, has there been noticeable difference since?
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