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Everyone benefits from the repeal of Section 377A

According to international news outlet Bloomberg, the elites of Singapore are pushing for the now infamous section 377A of the penal code to be repealed. The arguments that have been put forth are sound and logical. Singapore is an international business hub. It wants a continued stake in the world economy and to be seen as unsupportive to LGBT rights will hurt some of Singapore’s business interests. Detractors should be made aware that most international companies have an LGBT policy and company regulations against any form of discrimination. Singapore has always been business friendly. Shouldn’t the government continue ensuring that it remains business friendly?

Aside from business reasons, proponents of the retention of this outdated section of the penal code have based their objection to its removal on social mores. Their fear is that its repeal would mean “encouragement” of gay behaviour – whatever that means. I hate it break it to them but whether the law is there or not makes absolutely no difference to the LGBT scene. The government has made it very clear that it has no intention of ever using that law to prosecute anyone. The law in itself is also not comprehensive given that it only outlaws sex between men and not between women. So, even if it is the intention of the “conversatives” to outlaw gay sex, this section 377A does not even do that!

Secondly, despite the law being there, there continues to be gays. In other words, the section does absolutely nothing to change anything. Being gay is, after all, not a lifestyle choice. It is a sexual orientation. All this law does is to pretend that there are no “different” people in our society which serves once again zero purpose.

I respect that “conservatives” have their own points of view. They think that being gay is wrong. I disagree but it is their prerogative to believe in whatever they want. That said, the repeal of this law does not mean they have to change their minds about the moralities of being gay. They can still hold on to their beliefs. All the repeal would mean is that gay people are also allowed to have their own sets of beliefs too. Isn’t that the fairest way to handle things? The “conservatives” don’t have to change their views and the “liberals” get to have their views. In other words – secular equality.

From a logical standpoint, it also helps our business interests – in other words, everyone benefits and no one loses anything. Repealing section 377A is, therefore, a no-brainer. Please, can the government take some leadership on this! REPEAL!