Marc Lim, former news editor of Straits Times

Straits Times’ news editor, Marc Lim is understood to have been demoted after a Committee of Inquiry was convened on Monday to look into an allegation made against him having an affair with an intern.

Mr Lim, 42, is married and has two kids.

He was appointed news editor in September 2016.

Among his key duties is to oversee Singapore news coverage across print and digital platforms.

Prior to this, Mr Lim was the sports editor and the assistant news editor.

TOC understands that Mr Lim has been removed from editorial functions and will not have any more supervisory roles in his current capacity.

He has also been demoted two levels as a result of the COI investigation.

The intern had purportedly to have attempted suicide after her boyfriend confronted her on the affair.

It is also understood that the police is investigating into the matter.

TOC has reached out to Singapore Press Holdings for its comments yesterday and its head of communications Ms Chin Soo Fang said it is still looking into TOC’s queries.

We will update this article with their response when they reply.

Update: The spokesperson of SPH wrote to TOC stating that Singapore Press Holdings convened an internal inquiry after a member of its staff from The Straits Times newsroom was hospitalised last week. She is now recovering at home.

In a statement on Oct 3, SPH said: “Our top priority is to ensure she receives all medical attention and assistance she needs as well as to provide help to her family at this difficult time.”
The panel looked into allegations of two separate instances of improper relations with a subordinate member of staff against two ST editors that have been made in connection to this matter. 

It has found sufficient grounds to conclude that the two editors concerned had breached SPH’s code of conduct. 

The two will face disciplinary action, commensurate with the seriousness of their actions

One editor will be removed from his post, demoted and redeployed; the other will be given a written warning, have his salary docked, and redeployed. 

The statement added: “SPH takes a serious view of any transgressions of its code of conduct for its staff and will not hesitate to take appropriate measures following a full and transparent inquiry process.”

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