Aerial view of Singapore business district and city at twilight (Image by Prasit Rodphan/Shuterstock)

Singapore has maintained its position as the fifth most visited global destination for the second consecutive year, according to the Mastercard Global Destination Cities Index released today. Boasting a 6.1% growth with 13.91 million international visitors in 2017, Singapore has more than doubled its growth forecast of 2.6%. The top five origin market for Singapore are China (18.8%), Indonesia (15%), India (8.3%), Australia (6.1%) and Malaysia (5.2%).

This year, top cities Bangkok, London and Paris lead the pack, once again underscoring the importance of robust infrastructure, both business and leisure attractions and strong local culture. With more than 20 million international overnight visitors, Bangkok is unlikely to be bested due to a strong projected growth of 9.6 percent for 2018. Interestingly, visitors tend to stay in Bangkok 4.7 nights and spend $173 per day, on average.

For the past decade, Mastercard’s Global Destination Cities Index has offered insights into travel patterns and spend to and within cities. The Index, which expanded this year to look at 162 cities, is not simply a ranking of the top travel destinations. Based on visitor volume and spend for the 2017 calendar year, the in-depth analysis also provides a growth forecast for 2018 and a view into average length of stay and amount spent per day.

As one of the fastest growing tourism regions in the world, Southeast Asia attracted some of the highest spending visitors. The top three Southeast Asian destinations within the Global Top 10 by Expenditure – Singapore, Bangkok and Phuket – captured US$43.85 billion of total expenditure by international overnight tourists. Singapore retained its lead as the top city in terms of visitor expenditure, attracting the highest spending visitors at US$286 per day, sealing its status as a renowned shopper’s destination in Asia Pacific.

Newcomer to the Index, Phuket, Thailand, debuted straight in the Top 10 destinations list, with an average daily spend of US$239, the second highest in the sub-region.

“Tourism is an important contributor to urban economies and Singapore’s diverse offerings from its vibrant events all-year-round, unique tourist attractions and world-renowned cuisine have enabled the city to hold its place as one of the top five most popular destinations globally. The healthy year-on-year growth in visitor arrivals and the highest overall tourist expenditure in Asia demonstrates the strong partnerships between government and businesses in attracting travelers from all around the world, and in turn, powering up the sector’s role in the local economy.” said Deborah Heng, Country Manager, Mastercard Singapore.

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针对近来客工宿舍频传企图自杀事件,人力部声称,和往年相比客工自杀率没上升,当局与非政府组织合作,为这些客工提供更好的精神支持。 人力部解释,前线保障支援小组(FAST)会积极留意这些可供是否需要辅导。根据记录,企图自杀者可能基于家庭问题、或家中有变故,加上疫情造成返国延误,而形成压力。 就在本周日,就传出双溪加株环道一座宿舍内,一名36岁客工割颈自杀,所幸获救。 7月31日,在加基武吉的The Leo宿舍曾发生客工企图跳楼事故;7月24日和22日,也个别传出中国籍客工闹跳楼事件;同样在24日,一名37岁印度籍客工身亡;5月,27岁孟加拉籍义工倒在克兰芝工厂改造宿舍内。 4月23日,还有一名46岁印度籍男子,倒卧在邱德拔医院内的楼梯口。

政府已积极防疫 旅游局:他国没理由对我国发旅游警示

旅游局表示,我国已经采取适当措施,遏制新型冠状病毒疫情,因此其他国家没有理由对新加坡实施旅游警示。 新加坡旅游局行政总裁陈建隆,于今日(11日)记者会上指出,“我们的政府已经采取了相关措施,以遏制病毒的爆发,因此我们非常有信心(控制疫情),他国没有任何理由应对新加坡发出旅游警示。 他补充说道,若其他国家仍对我国发布采取旅游警示,外交部还是会和他们密切合作。 随着新型冠状病毒的疫情不断升级,一些国家也开始针对部分国家采取旅游警示,而新加坡也是其中之一。 上周,英国发现四起确诊病例,其中包含两名韩国人、一名马来西亚人,以及一名英国人,他们均曾到访新加坡,参与君悦酒店的商务会议。因此英国建议从其九个国家返国的人民应在家自行隔离14天,其中包括新加坡。 周日(9日),以色列卫生部也将旅游警示扩大至其他亚洲地区,包括新加坡;周一(10日),中东国家包括科威特和卡塔尔也分别发布了旅游警示,敦促人民应延缓去新加坡的行程;邻国马来西亚砂拉越政府也表示,若最近曾到访新加坡的国民一旦进入马来西亚,必须进行14天的隔离。 周二(11日),韩国亦强烈建议市民勿前往六国旅游,其中包括中国和新加坡,而台湾也建议人民在前往新加坡时应采取预防措施。 目前新型冠状病毒已有逾四万人感染,其中最严重疫区为中国,死亡人数也达致1017例,而新加坡也在疫情爆发期间,被确诊出45例,成为中国以外,确诊人数最多的国家。 因此,卫生部也上升至橙色警戒,但陈建隆也表示,政府目前已正采取积极措施,遏制病毒扩散。 询及病毒情况是否会影响新加坡长期形象时,他表示,根据传闻作出决策是不对的,因此其他国家在采取任何措施前,应该先充分了解事实,并清楚当局所采取的相关措施。

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