Speaking at the launch of a public engagement exercise for the next Land Transport Master Plan yesterday (19 Sep), Potong Pasir MP Sitoh Yih Pin told reporters that it has become “very fashionable” for young adults not to own or drive a car in Singapore these days.

Mr Sitoh is a member of Singapore’s Land Transport Master Plan (LTMP) advisory panel. He said that many Singaporeans have adopted the concept of a car-lite society and the Walk-Cycle-Ride way of travel into their lives.

As a member of the LTMP advisory panel appointed by LTA, he is supposed to consider the public’s views, deliberate on various issues, and make recommendations for LTMP 2040.

“If you look at what we announced today, it’s not just about creating or building a seamless transport system. It’s actually about creating a better life for our residents, for our citizens, for our people,” he said.

“When you talk to the young, it appears to me it is becoming very fashionable not to drive so much, maybe not to even own a car, and to take public transport more, to take the trains more and to take the buses more, even to walk and to cycle,” he added.

“If we drive less, we don’t have so many roads, so many cars, then maybe the limited land space in Singapore may be used for more walkways, more cycling paths and … we can have more greenery, more trees.”

Yesterday (19 Sep), COE price for cars up to 1,600cc and 130bhp closed at $28,000 while COE price for cars above 1,600cc or 130bhp closed at $31,307. The premium for Open COE was $32,000.

With high COE premiums, a new 1.5 Toyota Vios, for example, already cost about $80,000.

It’s no wonder that it has indeed, become “very fashionable” for young people not to own or drive a car in Singapore, since car prices have already gone beyond the reach of many Singaporean working adults.

Meanwhile, news have emerged that a white Bentley parked at Orchid Country Club actually belongs to Bishan-Toa Payoh MP Chong Kee Hiong.

Hence, it appears that it has also become “very fashionable” these days for MPs to drive big fancy cars in Singapore.

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自2020年起,马来西亚将为小学生提供免费营养餐,为全国各地的小学生开除健康的营养餐,让他们能够享用免费与健康的早餐。 据马国媒体报导,马国教育部长马智礼在脸书帖文表示,所有政府小学与津贴小学的学生将可享用,估计约270万名学生受惠。 他表示,教育部已向国家经济行动理事会提呈有关计划。该会在经讨论后也认同所提出之建议,首相敦马哈迪更称有必要推行免费营养餐。 他指出,孩子需要适当培养适当的饮食习惯及摄取均衡营养,因此教育部非常重视学生营养均衡的问题,确保他们能够享用健康的食品。 马智礼还说,该计划已经在8月,于部分学校开始实施实验性计划,预料将在10月完成。免费营养早餐计划(PSP)将会在上午班的上午7点至8点半左右的30分钟推行;下午班则是在中午12点至下午4点之间。 他续指,该计划并不包含学前教育与中学教育,而且学前教育的食物采购与其他的教育系统不同。 针对营养餐中的菜单,马智力透露免费营养早餐计划将与当地大学的食品专家,以及农业及农基工业部和卫生部连同研拟菜单,确保食物的水平。 问及计划成本,马智礼则表示,目前仍在研拟计划的成本,以确保孩子能获得品质优良的营养餐。

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