Drugs and cash seized in CNB operation on 4 September 2018 (Source: CNB).

Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) revealed on Thursday that nearly 1.5 kg heroin worth about $102,000 seized and six people were arrested in the afternoon of 4 September 2018.

It said that its officers were deployed in the vicinity of Tuas South Avenue 1 to conduct observation on a group of suspected drug traffickers.

At about 5:45 pm, two cars – a black Toyota and a blue Nissan – in which the suspected drug traffickers were in, were spotted in the vicinity. Shortly after, a Malaysia-registered motorcycle was also sighted in the vicinity.

According to the bureau, the black Toyota proceeded to another area in the vicinity of Tuas South Avenue 1. Separately, the rider of the motorcycle, a 24-year-old Malaysian male, dismounted from the motorcycle and met up with the driver of the blue Nissan.  Shortly after, the 24-year-old Malaysian returned to the motorcycle and both the motorcycle and the blue Nissan departed from the area.

CNB then said that teams of CNB officers, including officers from CNB’s Special Task Force (STF), moved to arrest the suspects soon thereafter.

It stated that from within the blue Nissan driven by a 48-year-old Singaporean male, about 477 gr of heroin was recovered from within a plastic bag at the front passenger seat floorboard.  From the pocket of the pants of the 48-year-old Singaporean male front passenger, about 38 gr of heroin and a small amount of ‘Ice’ were recovered.

The bureau also said that cash of more than S$1,451 was also recovered from the 48-year-old male passenger and both suspects were placed under arrest.

View of interior of blue Nissan, where about 477g of heroin was recovered from within, during CNB operation on 4 September 2018 (Source: CNB).
Heroin recovered from within blue Nissan, during CNB operation on 4 September 2018 (Source: CNB).

The bureau then said that from the centre-compartment of the black Toyota driven by a 40-year-old Singaporean male, a pouch containing about 29 gr of ‘Ice’, 3 gr of Ketamine, 5 gr of cannabis, 22 ‘Ecstasy’ pills and 86 Erimin-5 tablets were recovered.  The 40-year-old male suspect was placed under arrest.

Pouch containing drugs, recovered from within black Toyota, during CNB operation on 4 September 2018 (Source: CNB).

Meanwhile, from the basket on the motorcycle, about 936g of heroin was recovered. The 20-year-old pillion and the 24-year-old rider were both placed under arrest. Cash amounting to S$7,402 was also recovered from the 24-year-old rider.  Both suspects are Malaysian nationals.

Officers then proceeded to raid the hideout of the 48-year-old male driver of the blue Nissan, located in the vicinity of Town Hall Link.  A small packet of ‘Ice’ and some drug-smoking utensils were recovered from within the unit. A 31-year-old Singaporean female suspected drug abuser was also arrested within.

CNB said that officers also raided the residential unit of the 40-year-old male, the driver of the black Toyota, located in the vicinity of Boon Lay Avenue. About 9 gr of ‘Ice’, 4 gr of Ketamine, 7 gr of cannabis and 3 ‘Ecstasy’ pills were recovered from within the unit.

While investigations into the drug activities of all the suspects are ongoing, CNB noted that the seizure of about 1,451 gr of heroin from this operation is enough to feed the addiction of more than 690 abusers for a week.

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