WWF-Singapore continues the fight for wildlife conservation with the help of African rangers

WWF-Singapore is moving forward with their fight against the ivory trade in Singapore with their latest event which sees a Kenyan wildlife ranger, Harrison and his ranger colleagues sharing their personal experiences as rangers and the importance of wildlife conservation. WWF says that Harrison is an ‘unsung hero in conservation working in dangerous conditions to defend wildlife from poachers, putting his life on the line.

Harrison and WWF have been going around the island to to raise awareness about illegal wildlife trade in sessions called Meet the Rangers, one held yesterday (4th September) and another today (5th September) at 12pm.

The sessions focus on educating the public on how to take action on recognising and reporting products made from illegal wildlife trade in Singapore.

This follows WWF-Singapore’s recent campaign where they set up a false online business selling ivory products in Singapore to raise awareness on the issue.

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