Allegations of treason rampant on pro-PAP fanpage

Following the allegations made by Member of Parliament Seah Kian Peng in his Facebook post on 1 Sept, pro-People’s Action Party supporters have been calling the named individuals by Mr Seah as traitors and performing character assassination on them.

In his post, Mr Seah wrote that historian Thum Ping Tjin and his friends have invited Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad to bring democracy to Singapore, and suggest that Singapore is part of Malaya.

The allegations brought forth in Mr Seah’s post have been denied by those named by him but still, this has not stopped supporters of PAP to make allegations of their own, stating that Dr Thum and the others are traitors and colluding with foreign powers.

Without elaborating on the claims, one just has to see the comments below posted in a photo published on the Fabrication about the PAP to have an understanding of the extent of the allegations that the pro-PAP supporters are making.

TOC wrote to Mr Seah in regards to the comments posted on FAP, asking if he could comment on the allegations raised in the Facebook post from FAP but we have not received a response from the MP.

However, Mr Seah has posted a Facebook post to state that he does not support abusive remarks, regardless of what views or positions they take.